Solve two column proof?

Given: angle AEC is congrunet to angle DEB

Prove: angle AEB is congruent to angle DEC


Show statements and reasoning in chart.

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    1. <AEC cong <DEB Given

    2. m<AEC =m<DEB Definition of congruence

    3. m<BEC=m<BEC Reflexive property

    4. m<AEB = m<DEC Subtraction property of equality

    5. <AEB cong <DEC Definition of congruence

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    ok first keep in mind reality | reason The statements are the formula, equations, etc. the justifications are the postulates, definitions, houses, and etc. to keep in mind theorems, it relies upon on what you're doing. For the Triangle congruencies, keep in mind AAS, SSS, SAS, HL, and no dyslexic donkeys (no A-S-S) A= attitude S=area different pnuemonic instruments are effective purely gotta practice and cram the countless theorems, theories, postulates, houses, definitions, and Corrolaries.

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    Is that whole they gave you? Is there any more given?

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