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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetComputer Networking · 1 decade ago

Wireless Internet Question?

What exactly is wireless internet? How do you know if your PC is wireless internet capable? How do you hook it up?

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    Wireless internet is the ability to connected o the internet without a direct connection via a LAN or Ethernet port.

    You can tell if you PC is wireless if it has a wi-fi card in it or not.

    To put it simpler, if you look in the back of your tower and there is a wire labeled CAT-5 or CAT-6, then your computer is plugged into the wall.

    If you see an antennae in the back then it is probably wireless.

    To hook it up you need to buy a modem if you don't already have one.

    If you have a Dial-Up connection then chances are you do not have one.

    You will need a Modem, and a Router.

    Plug in your modem to a phone line nearby.

    Next take a CAT5 or 6 cable and plug it form the output of your modem into the uplink, internet or in some cases port 1 of your router.

    Then make sure the power is plugged in for your modem and router.

    You should have the wireless hooked up.

    Make sure you check if a CD came with your router though, they usually have a step by step way to set up internet as well.

    Hope this helps in some way.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its like the difference between a tv and a radio. (Kinda) The tv plugs into the wall and gets the video from a cable. While the radio works off of radio waves. Wireless works similar to the radio.

    If you have a ewer laptop, then it possibly already has a wireless card installed. Not always though. you would have to check the specifications. And if you have a desktop PC, you probably don't have a wireless card and may need to purchase one.

    You would first have to get internet offered to you from and Internet Service Provider(ISP). Often your local cable(tv) and phone companies. They will provide you the necesarry hardware to get internet. Then you would need to get a wireless router to broadcast your internet signal through the air like radio waves. You may have to get with your ISP and they can provide help with setting this up.

    Then if your computer is setup with a wireless card, then you can recieve then internet on your computer.

    Hope this clears up some information.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    unless you PC has a wifi network card built in ( most desktops don't, but laptops do ), you do not have wireless

    check in control panel -- system -- hardware

    and see if you have 2 networks cards, 1 will be your normal ethernet LAN card.. and if you have a second it will usually be a wifi card, sometimes you see a 1394 networking card, but seldom do people network over firewire ( 1394 ) cable

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