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What does passover mean and how do you celebrate it?

i've always wondered i'll give you a thumbs up or even a a 10 if you put it in your own words and thoroughly explain it to me!!!

thank you!!!

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    Passover basically is the retelling of the story of the Jews' exile from egypt, that is, their escape from slavery.

    Although on the surface it may seem like a holiday of remembering the suffering that the Jews went through in Egypt, it's actually a celebration of what the Jewish people overcame with God's help and Moses' leadership.

    It's marked with a very long evening dinner retelling the story of Exodus with songs, prayers and such.. It's a very fun night for alot of jews and happens once a year (usually falling around march-april, around easter). The synagogue service the following day is also fairly long but is well attended.

    The celebration goes for about 8 days still by eating only unleavened bread or food without yeast, flour or wheat. This is so that the jews dont forget what their ancestors went through whilst escaping from egypt. The significance of the bread (or lack of) is that when the jews were escaping from egypt, they didnt have enough time for their bread to rise whilst cooking it, therefore they were left with uleavened bread for the next 8 days or so whilst journying to israel (or so the story goes). This is why you will see Jews not eating bread, cake, or anything else with flour in it over passover.

    Hope this helped :)

    Source(s): My Own words btw-- Jewish atheist :P
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    What Does Passover Celebrate

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    What Does Passover Mean

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    Passover is when we remember being slaves Egypt & leaving. We read the Hagada (the story of passover) and we don't eat bread or other levand foods for 11 days. Outside of Israel you have to have 2 seders (were you read and eat), in Israel you only have 1.

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