Do you think this was bad customer service?

There has been a story locally about a couple who got held up at a local TJ Maxx parking lot about a month ago. Not long afterward someone else got robbed by the same suspect. They've had a sketch of the suspect on the news and recently re-aired the story asking people to keep an eye out. Yesterday I went to that TJ MAXX. On my way in I saw a man in the parking lot who strongly resembled the description. He stopped in his tracks to stare at me and my niece as we went inside. It was intimidating. I watched from inside and he stayed out in the parking lot, glaring in at us for another 5 minutes. I didn't have my cell phone, so informed an employee of the situation and the concern about the mugger. She acted like "oh wow" so I told her she might want to let the manager know for the safety of the store. I went on with my shopping. About 15 minutes later that clerk came up to me and said " I told the manager about your complaint about the man in the parking lot. He said if your scared, then you should be calling the police yourself. We're not going to check the parking lot, it's not our concern." I really didn't expect them to go out and aprehend anyone, just to know what was going on and maybe call the authorities if needed. The way they responded seemed like disregard for me and the customers in general. What do you think? Should I complain? To the media? To corporate?

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    I would complain to the corporate office. That was extremely rude of them. After all isn't it there responsibility to take care of the possibility of any harm in there own lot?

    I would also alert the media. Let them know how the store reacted to you inquiry after they have had problems with a mugger in the lot in the past.

    Here is the corporate office address and phone number if you already do not have them.

    TJX's Corporate Headquarters are located in Framingham, Massachusetts:

    The TJX Companies, Inc.

    770 Cochituate Road

    Framingham, MA 01701

    Main Number: 508-390-1000

    Good luck and stop shopping there if that is the way you will be treated in the future also.

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    Amazing the mentality of people. In the age of customer service the least that manager could have done was to address the situation with you and the police ASAP! I would let not only the authorities know of what took place but also the powers that be at TJ Maxx. This manager needs to realize he is serving the community and that the safety of his clientele is of the utmost importance and that each customer is entitled to the respect that they deserve. I would also advise on never shopping at that location again.

    Be safe darling

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    Yes, that was very poor customer service. You had a right to be concerned and were within your rights to ask for help from the employees. However, you should have asked to speak to the manager directly in the beginning and most definitely when the employee came back with the manager's uncaring reply. You would think that they would want to catch this creep as much as anyone else does. Anyway, since this matter concerned public safety, I would go above the manager's head and complain to someone at corporate.

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    I'd write a letter to corporate and would stop shopping there.

    Obviously, their store is a target for this robber and you'd think that they would do everything they could to 1) protect their customers and make them feel safe 2) speed up the apprehension of the man so it would stop hurting business.

    Their lack of enthusiasm and concern was not a good move. Like you said - you were not asking them to beat up the creepy looking fellow, you were simply telling them that he might be out there. All they had to say was, "Thank you. We'll notify the authorities/mall security".

    I would have been disappointed and taken aback by that too.

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    I find the employees in TJ Maxx to be rude all the time. They all seem disgruntled. I seen a friend inside the store that I hadnt talked to in a long time, we were standing in an aisle and a lady comes up to us and says "you two look awful suspicious you better get moving along". She was undercover security, I told her to leave us alone and that she had some major issues. Wierd people work there.

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    They should have handled it better. Any business can call the police if something on their property isn't right, it's not the customer's job. Try contacting the superior of the store, or try the manager directly. Maybe the person working wasn't the head manager.

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    I'd contact the regional manager for the stores and let them know what happened. That parking lot should be just as safe as the shopping aisles in the store. I'd also let the police know what happened, maybe they'll contact the store about their irresponsible behavior.

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    Any store, and I mean any store, should be concerned with the safety of their patrons. The manager was completely ignorant. Especially after having two muggings in their own lot. I would make a point to call someone in upper management to complain. But that's me.

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    That was quite rude. I would write to your local paper in the section where people write in and say how bad it is. Then maybe next time somebody asks(if they care about the stores reputation), they would help.

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    parking lots are a police problem not the stores not much they can do.

    you can report to the cops but it wont do anything as hes long gone by now

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