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Could I be allergic to walnuts?

Last night, or a day or so ago ( I don't really remember ) I ate a piece of cake that had walnuts in the icing. the cake was a banana bread type cake and cream cheese and walnuts in the icing (Not very healthy, I know, but it was the first time in about two months I had any). The reason i'm putting all the details is cuz I'm not entirely sure what is making me like this.

It's a little embarassing but I'll put it anyway:

1.) when I ate the cake, my toungue sort of itched just a little bit, but not too badly.

2.) my throat has been hurting, but I'm not exactly sure if it was before or after. Probably before.

3.) M'kay this is the worst and grossest. I've been getting really really bad stomach pains ( so bad I want to yell explecitives ) and basically I'm stuck in the bathroom for at least thirty minutes before being.. able to get out. O.o Yeah, I know; sorry.

I know, ' GO TO DA DOCTOR! ' and I will if my stomach pain gets any worse. I just need to know: could I be allergic to walnuts (having never been allergic to ANY kind of nuts, and I don't think it runs in the family) or is it just some food poisoning?

Thanks you guys. This was really embarrassing. >.<;;;

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    "my toungue sort of itched just a little bit"

    Itchy tongue is a classic sign of a food allergy.

    Gastrointestinal problems (vomiting, diarrhea) are also classic signs of serious allergic reaction. Check out this web site:

    For serious reactions, benadryl won't do anything.. the only thing that can stop and reverse anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reaction), is Epinephrine.

    Please go to a qualified allergist that understands food allergies (unfortunately many don't). Food Allergies are life threatening. How serious the reaction is can change, without any warning.

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    It does sound like food poisoning. If it ends soon, that is probably what it is. Food poisoning usually comes on fast and is very intense, and leaves you feeling awful until the next day.

    I am allergic to walnuts. My palms turn bright red and itch like crazy, I get huge hives (large red swollen itchy patches the size of a deck of cards) all over my back, and my mouth and throat swell up until it is hard to breathe. At which point my face turns a little blue.

    They give me epinephrine and benadryl, which causes me to go sit in the bathroom like you described.

    This started when I was 34 and no one else in my family has it.

    You can go to the doctor and get tested etc. I went to an allergist who told me I wasn't allergic, it was all in my head, but the emergency room doctor was quite upset, after the third time this happened he told me to just stop eating walnuts for **** sake.

    The moral of this story is: Be careful, and keep some antihistamines in your wallet just in case.

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