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Anyone have good info on Mary Cassatt's life?

I am working on a paper on Mary Cassatt. I mostly need to discuss Cassatt's paintings and what caused her to paint them. For example, anything significant that happened to her to cause her to paint them. Links to web sites would be very helpful. Thank you so much!

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    The American Art Review October 2008 issue has an article dedicated to Mary Cassatt.

    You may be able to buy this magazine at an art supply store or buy this issue direct from the publisher. Their email address is and

    There are six pages of text with her paintings. It's a good article. Found articles Mary Cassatt also and you type artist name. You can type in Art Institute of Chicago and then artist name.

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    hi Millie Edgar Degas observed a portray by skill of Cassatt and had the temerity to 'enhance' it by skill of fixing a small component of it Cassatt became actually furious, sorry can no longer keep in mind what the portray became stated as. Regards Lawrence

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