Cannot connect our laptops to Virgin wireless router?

We have moved in to a new house and got Virgin media with wireless router. None of our laptops (all brand new, running vista) will connect to the network. It finds the network and when pass code is entered simply says there has been a problem please contact administrator. We have rung virgin and reset all equipment multiple times and not resolved. Virgin says it must be laptops but i cannot see this as they are modern and vista is standard. Thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First confirm the router is working OK by connecting to it via a cable and seeing if you can get into the management console (and out the web). Check the wireless is enabled and encrypted, and enter a new key that's easy to remember (in case the one they gave you is wrong).

    If possible, change the encryption type to 'WEP'. - it's simpler and offers more support, though much less secure.

    If that fails, ensure Vista has all the latest updates (including Service Pack 2).

    If all else fails, disable encryption and check you can connect without any - this will confirm a software issue on Vista, you can either work through logs to resolve this, or simply enable MAC filtering on the router to prevent others using it.

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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately, they may be right. Vista is known to have communication issues as it may or may not have the correct software to interface with all wireless systems. Without seeing more of the errors you are getting, there is not much else I can say.

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