how to add a second hard drive?

i am going to buy a new hard drive (SATA),

i don't know how to put the jumpers in the right position.

i have an 80GB hard drive, installed the OS which is the primary.

is it ok to add a hard drive without formatting the current hard drive?

i am really confused with those jumpers.

just forgive my bad English :)


the hard drive is SATA, please help me

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can add a new hard drive without reformatting your old harddrive. I'm assuming this new harddrive will be used as storage, not running an OS.

    The jumpers are just to tell the computer when it starts up how to treat the harddrives (not really important to know how).

    Your new harddrive should come with a manual that tells you how to setup the jumpers.

    If it doesnt come with a manual, the jumper settings should be on the sticker on top of the harddrive.

    If you're using the new one for storage, I think you'd want the jumper setting to be either cable select, or slave/secondary. And your current harddrive to be master/primary.

    having both on cable select will work though.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    First make sure your comp has sata ports available. Not all computer have sata and may only use ide. Sata drives dotn need jumpers becuase there is only one drive per port unlike ide which has 2. Does your current drive have a wide gray ribbon? If so that is IDE. If your comp is sata compatible you just plug one end of the small red sata cable into the motherboard. The other end plugs into the hd. You will then need the special sata plug from your mobo and plug that into the drive. You might have to enter your computers bios to check that everything is ok. If your using a single hd (not raid, raid requires more then one) i recomend configuring to look like an ide. This basically makes windows think it is an ide drive when its really a sata drive. Windows xp doesn't like single drives configured as raid. this would be a setting in your bios.

    USB or fire wire are much slower so i disagree with the above poster. Also you will not need to format your first hd. The second can be used as additional storage and the first will be un affected. If you need more space on your main system drive you can format the first one with your xp/ vista disk and reinstall windows to your new sata drive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    pls tell me 1st hard disk which model (sata or ide)

    give details then i eil give solution

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you might need to think about getting a external drive instead. use usb or firewire instead. this is a lot easier.

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