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Symptoms before missed period?

I have two children already. I am not due fo my period for two weeks, but 3 weeks ago the protection my husband and I used broke. For the past three days I have been very sick. Throwing up and dizzy, unable to concentrate. But I have no fever. It really feels as though I may be pregnant. I would be happy either way. But has anyone else heard of symptoms this early?? I didn't think you could get signs before a missed period.

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    you know your body better than anyone else. you can have signs before a missed period...i did!

  • If this happened 3 weeks ago i take it your cycles are long as i assume you haven't had one and due in 2 weeks? Which would make your cycles 5 weeks? There would be no harm in testing now if it happened 3 weeks ago and if negative test on your period due date, also remember to use first morning urine esp if testing early.

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    I'm a bit confused by your timing.

    If you're period is due in about 2 weeks you'd be ovulating about now.

    If your condom broke 3 weeks ago, you'd have had a period AFTER the condom broke, correct?

    Source(s): RN Midwife, IVF Consultant and mother of 7
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    I new i was pregnant with each of my children well befor my missed period so yeah i can happen

    Source(s): mummy of three
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    Yes it can happen

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    No PMS?

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