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Ever notice how Yahoo/AP is in the tank for Obama? Dont believe me? Run a search of Yahoo News on each.?


Just read how they edit the headlines:

Obama ALWAYS positive:;_ylt=A0WT...

McCain ALWAYS negative:;_ylt=A0WT...

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    I was going to post a question addressing EXACTLY THAT. This morning I woke up to a friendly Yahoo reminder of how much they favor Obama with an article stating that cell phone only voters overwhelmingly support Obama, and that his lead is probably even bigger.

    As one of those cell phone only people, I know that is bogus. And I know tons of people who aren't supporting Obama who only have cell phones.

    Well the article goes on heaping praise on the wonderful youth vote in all its infinite wisdom and experience. And sings assurances that Obama is sure to win because the polls understate by about 6-8 points.

    Then, at the very end, there was a little paragraph that said the effects are in fact negligible.

    Another one a while back, on the subject of McCain's VP pick, quoted several so-called presidential historians as being universally critical. Well, turns out that they were all on the Obama payroll. Yahoo was forced to admit that at the end of the article.

    So yes, Yahoo is very biased in the articles it picks for the front page. And AP is, well, AP, and they are biased anyway. Remember the Israel Hezbollah war with the Blue Helmet Guy and their faked photographs?

    Get your news from Real Clear Politics. Yahoo is biased.

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    the vast majority of stories and headlines about McCain/Palin are negative. The vast majority of stories about Obama are positive.

    Any gaffe or mistake by the McCain campaign is magnified and published in the front page of the big newspapers. Mistakes and gaffes by the Obama camp are buried or just not reported at all.

    Notice the coverage about Palin and heavy editing in interviews to emphasize her lack of knowledge. Also the cover of US weekly magazine of Palin compared with the glowing coverage of Obamas family.

    This has been going on since the democratic primaries and it;s widely known.

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    Since the Liberal media blindsided Hillary, and rode her like a cheap pony at a county fair ride, I would say McCain has a tough trail to ride. They stomped the snot out of one ot there own you can imagine what they have in store for him. But we will win anyway. So keep the faith and vote McCain 08.

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    I noticed about 8 months ago and it continues to this day. Even if the story is meant to be positive Yahoo will throw a negative word in the headline. It's been laughable.

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    Agree 100% with you Biden has been all in the news about the bridge to nowhere talking about Palin voting for it. Guess what SENATOR Voted for it

  • i couldn't help notice after the forth or fifth time my account has been

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  • Yes and it's very obvious.

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    I haven't noticed it. I suspect you are looking for something that isn't there.

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    thank you...

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