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animal farm - george orwell?

who is to blame on what happens in animal farm (please state person and reason) [points awarded for good answer] ty =]

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    Admittedly, the dictators, namely the pigs are responsible for the widespread chaos and misery of the farm and the disintegration of its main ideals proposed by major in the onset of the revolution, but the rest of the animals are also participants of their own decay because of their ignorance which is greatly their fault because most of them were unwilling to learn; and also on account of their passive allegiance to their dictators. It would be unjust to split the plot in "protagonists and villains" as if "Animal Farm" was a fairy tale. I consider that Orwell aimed to satirize a society and that includes all. Thus, I consider that animals are victims of the rage of totalitarism but they are also their own victimizers. This formula was not only seen in the Soviet Communism but also in the current democratic countries in which the people nine times out of ten stand as passive witnesses in the political, educational and social processes of their country.

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    Orwell was a socialist and believed that we need a revolution.

    He fought against the Fascist dictator Franco in the Spanish Civil War to defend the socialist revolution which was happening in that country. Unfortunately Franco won, and the Communist Party played a part in dividing the left and stopping the revolution from happening. Animal Farm describes the betrayal of Stalin and the Communist Party, in not defending ordinary people, but creating a privileged bureaucracy.

    In Animal Farm, Orwell is not saying that revolution cannot work because an elite will always come out on top. He is saying that, unless the bosses (be they capitalists - represented by Jones or Stalinists - represented by the pigs) are completely overthrown, we cannot have a successful revolution.

    Napoleon in Animal Farm = Stalin. Snowball = Trotsky, who sent birds around neighbouring farms to spread the message of the revolution, i.e. fought for a revolution in more than one country. Trotsky, sadly, was sidelined and "airbrushed out of history" by the Stalinists. He was exiled and was eventually killed in Mexico in 1940 by a member of Stalin's secret police.

    I do not think there is a single person to blame - the obvious candidate is Napoleon, but you could argue that the animals were too stupid to see what was happening and overthrow the pigs.

    Read the book yourself and make up your own mind!

    Also read Homage to Catalonia by Orwell, to put Animal Farm in context. (see source)

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    Humans. Because the only reason the animals got into the state that they did was because they copied the humans they were in contact with (Jones, and the local traders that I can't remember the names of) and they we're all corrupt, so what started out as a dream of freedom became a mess.

    But it is worth a read, or at least watch the film cartoon version, its pretty good.

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    It is not a case of who is to blame, the book sets out to remind society as a whole about the problems that have occurred in the past, this is obviously the Russian Revolution 1917 and the rise of communism throughout eastern europe. I suppose if one character was to be blamed it would have to be the lead pig napoleon but ultimately they all have equal blame for being weak to the prospect of bettering themselves sometimes at the detriment of others and the theme "for the better good" is also quite clearly represented.

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    It was governmental corruption. Even though the governing pigs which took over after overthrowing the humans promised an equal "state" (farm), they eventually started to emulate the humans, even treating other animals worse than the humans had.

    By the way, the pigs started out by being fair, and ended up getting drunk. Very drunk.

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_Farm check this out for additional info.
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    I agree with JO S, the book is a short one and easily read but contains a lot of fascinating images which compare with the worst elements of the communist revolutions of the 20th century. The book is an allegorical tale of the Bolshevik revolution and if you will not regret the time spent in reading it.

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    Well that's one of the main themes of the book, Was it the pigs who forced the animals into slavery or was it the animals fault for letting themselves be forced or was it the farmers fault for abandoning the animals int eh first place?

    There is no clear cut answer to your question.

  • The pig napoleon (spelling) he like broke all the rules and made his own ones and slept in the house and trained the puppies. It is so weird I have not read the book but watched the film and it gave me nightmares when I was little. That pig scared me!

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    The rest of the animals - for not maintaining democracy by allowing the pigs to take over.

    All it takes for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do. nothing. - Edmond Burke.

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    All animals are equal although your understanding of the subject area may be less equal in comparison to others

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