How do you use adobe after effects to make a simple effect?

I have adobe after effects CS3 and I am trying to simply make a 1 minute video with effects . The problem is everytime I start to make a effect it goes black with that effect and you can not see what you are doing! What is this crap and how do you get past it????? And than I did make it past once before with like six lines of video but it did not save anything and I do not know how to save the effects when I make them? Do I have to save them each and everytime and how do I?

Please help!!!

Thank you


How do you also ave the video effects as you make them? If you have the video moving, can you get the effects to follow you if you keep changing the points of start and finish?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm not 100% clear on the issue you're having, but here's an example of a aep file with a few effects applied to it, hopefully it will help.


    Once you have an effect turned on, it should effect that layer whether you're 10 seconds into the layer or 5 minutes.

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