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He want die being silly句野有無問題?help~

因為唔可以用is silly形容呢個He want die句子(有2個verb) :

He want die is silly (有2個verb)

因此用being silly 形容呢個He want die句子 :

He want die being silly.

所以He want die being silly句野有無問題?

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    > He want die being silly句野有無問題?

    Yes. This is Cantonese English.

    He wants to die.

    He is silly.

    => It is silly of him to want to die.

    He helps the poor.

    He is kind.

    => It is kind of him to help the poor.

    He saves the boy.

    He is brave.

    => It is brave of him to save the boy.



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    The thought of him wanting to die is silly.

    there is now only one verb. The ''he want to die'' is not changed to a noun phrase ''the thought of him wanting to die''

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