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English. --- translate in Eng. Pls


我意外地把電話跌在地上, 拾起時畫面(screen) 仍然正常, 但按動任何

鍵也沒有反應, 所以重新再啟動(reset), 但在 再啟動之後, 畫面(screen)

變得不正常, 全是花了的情況, 再嘗試仍是如此, 所以進行更換.

--- translate in Eng. Pls

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    I accidentally dropped the phone on the floor, when I picked it up. the screen was still normal, but it didn't have any reactions when I press the keys, so I

    pressed the reset button. After I reset the phone, the screen became unusual.

    When I tried it again, it was still the same, so I changed the phone.

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    I dropped the phone on the floor accidentally. When I picked it up, although the screen was still normal, there was not any response when the keys were pressed. So I reset the phone again. But after that, the screen became abnormal. It was all blurred. It was still the same when I tried again. Therefore I have to get an exchange

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