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VVIS asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago





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    Chapter one tells us the curiosity over the life from the scientist and the continuous decision to discover it. Being a student, we should learn the way that the scientist tried to do. But, if the curiosity derives the disaster and dangers to the society and himself in the story, he chose to run away on the mistakes he did. It is really an irresponsible way of treatment. We need to bear in mind that we should keep the well preparation in advance and responsible attitude afterward. This is the concept that the author wants to tell the readers.


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  • 1 decade ago

    Chapter one

    explains scientist's curiosity to the life, and so far and resolution not given up, this is the place where should take as students diligent study, but curiosity has initiated a danger and disaster, cause society and one's own safety, in this respect the place where taken as students need to watch out for even, the scientist chooses to run away while making serious mistake in the story, this is an irresponsible treatment way, so we should prepare in advance, the responsible idea afterwards, I think this is meaning that the author expresses in the story, thanks!

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    The first chapter of this book is about the scientists' curiosity over life, and the determination to seek the truth. As being a student, we should learn the scientists' attitude. However, a disaster has been caused by the curiosity over life that society is in danger. We learned from it the caution. In this story, the scientists runned away after they made big mistake. I think that it is very irresponsible. The correct attitude to do things sould be prepare well before action, and be responsible after action. The above is my opinion of this book. Thank you.

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