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how do i lose my belly fat and lose weight at the same time without exercising. Pls recommend ?

I am 35 years and i tried Atkins induction recently, but i always feel dizzy. Pls help me out

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    What you ask is nearly impossible. I would recommend Weight Watchers. They will help you with the right amount of carbs, fats, proteins, sugars, etc.

    You have to exercise in order to reduce that belly fat. Even if you just walk, eventually, it will come off.

    **I only speak from experience on this, honestly. I'm 42 and I'm heavy around the middle. I have no interest in exercise and can't afford to do the Weight Watchers thing right now. I know that everything I wrote will work because I did it 8 years ago on WW and lost over 25 pounds. **

    Good Luck!!

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    No exercise? LMAO!

    Atkins will just kill you. Yes I'm against it.

    You must eat healthy. Dot not cut any carbs or any of that junk. You can stop eating junk food but you can still have good fats and sugars. Drink water instead of juice, because it has zero calories and is good to keep your body functioning.

    You've got to be strict with diet and exercise. Gosh, walk for a n hour day a couple times a week. It's not that hard. You just have to eat enough to give you energy.

    Here's an example menu:

    Breakfast: Multigrain cereal with soy milk

    Snack: An apple

    Lunch: Salad sandwich on wholemeal bread (put chicken, cheese, tomato, carrots, etc on it).

    Snack: Yoghurt

    Dinner: Brown rice, stirfry vegetables and meat of your choice (is so quick and eay to make).

    Last snack: Something only around 100 calories.

    That's just an idea. I ate like that for 2 months + walking, lifting weights, jumping on trampoline and situps. I lost 20lbs.

    The meals are small portioned and you eat every 3-4hrs to stop binge eating and it's good for your blood sugar.

    Don't look for a quick an easy way. Do it the hard and long way and you will really see results.

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    I've tried heaps of things to loose weight and after having a child esp on my belly.

    The best thing i have come across is reductil, its a doctor only medicine that speeds up your metabolism and helps reduce your appetite. I have been on it 6months and have lost 22kgs without increased exercise. But i do normal exercise like walking etc

    so you would need to see a doctor but that is just one option that has worked really well for me and helped me to overcome my 'never feeling full"

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    You cant. Exercise is a must. I know you dont wanna hear that. But unless you starve yourself, which actually works by the cant lose that stuff. Just do some crunches if all

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    Hm...I don't know.

    But just a helpful hint---when you excersize (like lifting weirts and such) do light work. It tones your muscles and makes you thinner. When you use heavier weights, it makes you bulky, not thinner.

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    i recommend using this program i lost 94 pounds fast

    its easy to use and you still can eat

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    i dont think you can. if you starve yourself but do no exercise the skin will stay stretched, excercise will make it tight

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    Maybe you could JUST fruits and vegetables??

    And less junk food

    That might work!!

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    Dance at home! if you like to dance, then you wil enjoy it.


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