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Is this financial crisis an illuminati job?

I am not a fan of conspiracy theory. But I have found information about a woman named "svali" which is very shocking for me. In her 1995 interviews (which economy was great at the time) she predicts a vast economy collapse as a part of Illuminati plan to monopolize the financial market. When I compare what she said with the events that are now going on in the world, particularly in U.S, I can't reject the conspiracy theory about illuminati. How could she predict all these events if she really was not part of illuminati?


I forgot to say tha throughout her interview, she mentions "Morgan's" name as a top illuminati. Now look at the new... JP Morgan chase is taking over all the wall street!!!

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    It has been since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

    "I sincerely believe that central banking systems are more of a threat to our liberties than standing armies."- Thomas Jefferson.

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    OMG doesn't there just have to be one of these questions. LOL! Illuminati? Yeah man that's it. All our problems are caused by the boogey man.

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    Isn't everything?

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