Why on earth can't we simply seize the assets of say, the richest 5%?

Surely enough to solve our economic problems and then some!

Why shouldn't a couple of thousand people give up their titanic riches for the benefit of the rest of humanity, who keep them there, yet never voted for them?

I mean instead of destroying and impoverishing the middle class!

Just wondering... ?


If you taxed them by 90% they'd STILL be among the richest people on the planet - and a lot less dangerous!

Update 2:

It's OK for them to do it to you, through an engineered crash, but not for you to do it back... is that what I'm hearing?

Update 3:

JustMe... Only in terms of IQ! : )

Update 4:

D'artagnon: "Remember, the KEY to surviving through 2015 is to have a VERY OPEN MIND and to think WAY outside the box."

... Am I mostly right or mostly wrong?

Decide for yourself, but don't criticise others for passing on information. Your premise that the uber rich made their money legally is wrong - get researching!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this whole bailout thing is just welfare for the rich, screw them, let the depression Begin

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    1 decade ago

    I think the "Robin Hood" plan is a good one....steal from the rich to give to the poor...why not? Isn't it the rich that keep the poor, poor? I know, not entirely, but come on.

    The banks are loosing money so the government wants to help THEM??? Absolutely DISGUSTING. Why not spread the money from the proposed buyout to each average American who lost everything that they worked hard for? What about the people who didn't plan on having expensive medical emergencies....a child born with a heart defect, or a wife with a brain tumor......who lost their homes and went bankrupt due to medical expenses? OR, the people who've lost everything because of a flood, or earthquake, etc. OR, The average American that works hard to support his/her family only to discover they've lost their job? Many of these instances COULDN'T of been helped, and it wasn't their fault. Why not help them instead of the greedy banks that caused so much downfall in the first place?

    GREED sucks a$$. Really, how much money does one man need? You cannot spare one or two of the thirteen cars in your 4,000 sq foot garage to help a fellow human being, or five? An uber-rich person cannot hold back just ONE of the 15 vacations they take in a year to help a fellow human being, or ten?

    I say YOU GO ROBIN HOOD : )

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  • 1 decade ago

    You're forgetting, aren't you, that these people have the Government in their back pockets.

    All this posturing and 'rejection' of the bail out plan is just a delaying tactic and another attempt to perpetuate the illusion that the Americans have a democratic system of government that represents its people.

    There WILL be a deal, the Government just has to imprint in the minds of the public that there is no alternative, and to do this there has to be some very ugly things going on in Wall St over the next few days. Once there have been enough bank failures, savings deposits and pension funds decimated, Paulson and co can put on their white knight gear on and 'save' the global economy, Bruce Willis style.

    Then the American public will be softened up enough to bend over and get shafted, AGAIN. Not content with all the fraud, waste and abuse of unwinnable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan et al., they will be expected to pony up taxpayer dollars to keep rich men in the lifestyle they feel entitled to. What is truly amazing is the number of Americans who have been brainwashed into believing that this is the way it should be.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    They have tried, but failed miserably. I just changed my company's trading name and opened new bank accounts in my son's name. It also depends on who is after your assets, if it's uk customs then you aint got a chance in hell!! If it's Bailiffs, never invite them in, my advice is dont answer the door, all this crap saying they will get the police and enforce a legal entry is rubbish... They are only allowed 3 visits to your property, then the enforcement order has to go back to court again, which costs the other party loadsa money. 99 out of 100 wont pay the bailiffs anymore fee's and court fee's cos it's too expensive. So there you have it. If you do have to talk to them, make sure it's outside! And just say yeah yeah yeah. I have been there.... Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    This seems like a logical plan. These 5% hold over 95% of the wealth, and there just is no need or reason for that to ever be. I think having reasonable salary earning caps (like 1 million per year) would be a good idea, but it will never happen. If their wealth was divided amongst the people, we'd all be very well off!

    They can't just be content with what they have either. They want it all...total control over you, and I, and their doing it.

    Our country was built on greatness, and is being ruined by greedy bankers, who with their fortunes have anointed themselves above all law. They probably don't even pay taxes!

    The New World Order is little more than a real life large scale Monopoly game that the Federal Reserve is playing with real lives, and real blood on our dime. How effing stupid people are not to see what's going on!

    Start stocking up on canned food...the soup line isn't that far off!

  • Bill
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    1 decade ago

    you know that's a crazy idea and can't be done.

    if the gov gave everyone $1 million there would be poor people in a month and some would get richer. would you then want to go after the rich and give it back to the poor. I think some people are meant to be poor and nothing you can do will change that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No one should be doing it to anyone!

    I can't say that I'm one of them but either THEY earned the money or their family earned it and handed it down to them. It doesn't do us any good to have another poor person in our ranks but if you were to make friends with them you might find they are likable people and maybe someday they will be happy to do you a favor.

    Some people are poor and some people are rich. Either way it's NOT their fault but either way they both have a right to achieve the same as the other. Few rich people want to be poor and many poor people want to be rich but it is much easier for a poor person to find wealth and happiness than it is for a rich person to become poor and happy.

    Basically you are who you want to be. Rich people have WAY more stress and they are always fighting to stay wealthy and oftentimes are not that happy. Whereas poor people could become more wealthy if they wanted to work harder and endure more stress and give up more time with their loved ones and be a heck of a lot more unhappy than if they are dirt poor. It's a decision that we all have to make. Lots of people just don't WANT to be rich, unless they can have the happiness of being poor.

    Oh yeah ... one other thing ... I caught a lot of flack from friends about your post that Bush was going to pull his dictator card. I actually believed you for a bit and my friends freaked until they found out that it was just another Urban Legend. I will be analyzing your rants more closely in the future. I'd been expecting it for months so I expected to see it. Another friend of mine who is tight in the govt seems to think that it might still happen but there has been no indication of that as yet.

    In conclusion, be happy. Have fun on your bike and de-stress at 99 mph like all bikers should ... and be happy with who you are and leave the rich alone.



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know you already know the answer to this but, it's because they own the military that is supposed to be seizing the assets from them! They own the military so the only way to take back power is if we the people protest, get our voices heard, get storable food, get firearms for protection in case the government becomes tyrannical, then we can start kicking azz and take our country back. Using peacefull means of protest and getting our politicians to listen to us and not their shadowy master of course.

    *Note for the guy above me* We can't because it's ILLEGAL!?!?!?!? ILLEGAL?!?!?!? How do you think the elites became ultra rich? By legal means?!??!?!? It's official that your ability of critical thinking has been totally hammered out of your brain buddy. Name any criminal act of making money, the elites did it, and then some.

    Also not to mention the plain and simple fact that they supress futuristic advanced technologies from getting into the public's hands, which would benefit us and empower us, *cough* Tesla's plan for free energy around the world which was invented 100 years ago *cough*

    You don't even need to go to the top 5%, the top 1% have much more than enough wealth to fix the world 1,000 times over.

    You were wondering... ? I got one word for you, greed. There's your answer. Plain and simple in black and white for you, greed.

  • 1 decade ago

    Civic Currency another way supplies money without taking from rich.

    Money designed by citizens for citizens.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because they own the legal system required to do it and the police and military systems designed to prevent it.

  • 1 decade ago

    The rich provide jobs for the rest. Take away the power of the rich and you have communism, the was China was under Mao. It doesn't work.

    That is because you need clever rich people in society to keep the rest employed. otherwise everyone would be peasants.

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