Today was a good day, r&p...?

Well, my friend just came up to me randomly today and said "hey, can ye recommend some songs to me by the beatles, the who, led zeppelin, and any bands like that?"

i was in shock. she is only 12, and interested in wot I listen to!

what an awesome moment I had there.

Later on in the day, I asked my totally awesome history/homeroom teacher to put on some nirvana, and when i did, he smiled so much and told the whole class "this girl has some good taste in music!"

lol this was a cool day XD

have you ever had any experience like this at school/work?

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    Nothing to do with school or work, but...

    Just today a very good friend of mine here on R&P asked me for some recommendations from one of my favourite bands : Fairport Convention

    Well, it's actually Sandy Denny who's a favourite of mine, but it means I know her FC albums, and she was very much the 'voice' of the era he was asking about.

    Anyway, that feeling of being able to help someone find their way with great new music really cheered me up, and this Wolfie is still wagging her tail!

  • Larka
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    1 decade ago

    Last year in Social Studies we had one day where we just listened to music. I groaned, because I knew what the people around me liked music-wise--the Top 40 and rap (the bad mainstream kind). The teacher asked us to raise our hands and when she called on us, we would say the name of a band or artist we liked. She would write these down on the overhead, and then after everyone who wanted to had suggested their band/artist, we would vote on which 5 we wanted to listen to most, and the top 5 would be what we would listen to for the day. I went first, and my suggestion was the Beatles. I sat back and waited for everyone to mention the Top 40-type artists. All of my friends did, and most of the other girls. Then she got to the boys, and to my delight and surprise, they recommend bands like Led Zeppelin, Blue Öyster Cult, Black Sabbath, the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Iron Butterfly. A couple of them mentioned Linkin Park and Dragonforce (I hate both), but besides that, they had a good taste in music, in my opinion. Led Zeppelin and the Beatles OWNED all the other bands (all the boys and me voted for them both). When we started playing the music I went over to sit with the boys and had an intelligent conversation about some of those bands with someone. Of course, now all those people with a good taste in music have moved on to High School. >:(

    None of my teachers like the music I like. It makes me sad. But when I wear my band t's I do get a few knowing looks from some of them, and I can tell that they are happy I do not listen to the Top 40.

    On the other hand, today at lunch, the people I sit with (I only have one friend among them) had a freak out about the Jonas Brothers. They hate their music but they think that Nick and Joe are hot stuff. They conversed about how hot they were for 7 minutes. Finally I got sick of it and walked away.

    Edit--oh, and I got called a crackhead and freak (neither of which I am) today because of the music I like. I laughed it off.

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    My History teacher would have us play a version of rock n roll jeopardy. He made up the questions and there would be 2 teams. 1 person from each team would go up to a table set up in the front of the classroom and he'd ask a question and the way we rang in was to put one arm behind ur back and close your open textbook with your other hand. it was AWESOME! he would ask questions like what album was Stairway to Heaven on and who sang Hey Jude. Easy ones for the kids who may not listen to that kind of music. We usually played it after a test. A reward I guess for working hard. by far the best teacher of all time! Mr. Link ROCKS!!!

    Source(s): 10th grade honors world cultures....Butler High School
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    Wow--that is a nice feeling, huh?

    Yeah, I've had some of those moments. And I'm such a sap, because it completely makes my day.

    1) I was wearing my Kings of Leon T-Shirt back before they were huge, and as I was leaving the class room, one of the guys in my class stopped me, complimented my shirt, and then made me show one of his friends.

    2) Back when I was in highschool, I was always the movie/music/books buff. Pop-culture is one of my passions. Anyway, I had this awesome, young Spanish Teacher, and sometimes when we finished early, we'd all get to listen to music, or discuss movies and the like. When I got the highest average award for Spanish, he introduced me as 'the Queen of Pop-Culture,' which they had also used on the Senior Walk (when predicting the seniors' "futures"). It may be sad, but it's a title I'm proud of.

    3) I love it when my friends (and family--especially the Disney-obsessed younger cousins) ask me if they can borrow my iPod to look for new music. It gives me a happy.

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    Yes! My English teacher and I got into a conversation about Foo Fighters becasue she was going to a Foo Fighters concert, that night...pretty cool. And, about 2 weeks ago, I was wearing a Ramones shirt and my History Teacher said, "Oh, that's a cool shirt. I love them! Have you seen their Rock 'N Roll Highschool movie?" My art teacher is pretty cool, too. I started randomly singing Take A Walk On The Wild Side and he goes, "Oh, Lou Reed is the coolest."

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    Well, I wore my Yardbirds shirt today, and this girl I know (who I was pretty sure wasn't into older music) said to me, so you like The Yardbirds... Clapton... hmm? I'm like, actually, I prefer Page. So she and I had a friendly argument over that for a bit... it was enjoyable. But based on what she said, I don't think she actually listens to the music... her parents probably told her some things. Anyway, not quite the same experience as yours, but this is fresh in my mind.

    *Whoa... this is so weird... unlike everyone else here, none of my teachers has good music taste... I can name like 20 students with better taste than my teachers...

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    I wish! We did listen to some Pink Floyd in class once, so that was a very nice treat, but the song was long, and the kids got bored.

    I try my best to introduce my friends to the oldies. My best friend now is starting to love the classics. She knows a ton of beatles, stones, hendrix, and lots of classics. we always talk about our oldies tastes, and its nice to share that with somebody from my generation. (we are 14 year olds, btw) :]

    I think people at school know I like oldies. I bring Beatles books, and write about them sometimes. :]

    since i go to a performing arts school, music is more appreciated here, and we all have different tastes, which expands us more.

    music forever,


    especially the oldies, but GOODIES :D

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    My great moment was in High School. I took a one-semester class on Mythology, and on the next-to-last day of class was an open day. So I asked in advance if I could bring "Hemispheres" by Rush to class. After she saw the lyrics, she agreed - so everyone in class had a chance to hear sides 1 & 2 (yeah, it was vinyl) of a Rush album, instead of taking a quiz or studying!

  • Karley
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    4 years ago

    Yes I most surely will, I went to the parade today in Dallas and I have my flag out on the house. Have a good Veteran's Day!!!

  • First of all that is awesome :D

    Second of all yes my Environmental Science teacher played The Beatles, and The Who all last year it was awesome.

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