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Absolutely, because pitchers win less games today, pitchers don't throw enough so they get hurt. Plus, 5 man rotation is boring, at least with a 4 man rotation you get to see guys like Lincecum pitch more often

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    I couldn't... agree..... more. And you know these questions have been brought up more and more lately, and people are wondering why.

    What's the biggest excuse (and that's what it is, it's bs) that you hear? Oh well you can't do that, that'll hurt their arms!

    This is what I have to say about that:

    Because the majority of pitching coaches, instructors, etc... are, well, I can't be kind about it because all of the information is out there.. so they're stupid. They're ignorant, stupid people. It's their job they should know this stuff it's no excuse the stuff is out there, so let me say this: they are stupid.

    Many BELIEVE (and that's what it is, it's an unfounded belief) that pitching is some horribly damaging process and you need to throw as little as possible and you need 4 days of rest because it's so taxing!

    48.1 of the Science and Art of Baseball Pitching: "The current game and practice pitching loads are unlikely to produce appropriate overloads to generate specific pitching fitness. The low number of practice session pitches, many made with less than 100% effort, will NOT produce a training stimulus for fitness change. It is a distinct possibility that today's pitchers actually are in an unconditioned state rather than a trained state for the specific tasks of pitching. While major league rotations for starters are mostly four days, but sometimes three, the reason for that extended interval is not physiological. Potteiger, Blessing, and Wilson (1992) showed that physiological indicies of fatigue or exercise trauma in pitchers were completely removed within two days."

    There, that throws that right out the window.

    Let's further investigate why - at least right now - teams wouldn't be able to go to a 3 or 4 man rotation. They waste their time doing irrelevant activities such as throwing on flat ground, throwing less than 100%, long-tossing rather than throwing, etc... None of it is beneficial.

    Adding on to pitchers not being fit to pitch. What does that mean exactly? Basically, if you throw 50 pitches in your bullpen, you're conditioning yourself to throw 50 pitches. Once you get beyond that you'll start to see your control waver and you may see your velocity slip. It's the so called "wall".

    Now, what would happen if you were to throw 120 pitches (and not in 15 minutes either, but not to get off track)? You'd condition yourself to throw 120 pitches.

    Are today's major leaguers conditioned to go 9 innings? No. No they are not. They're not, not even close.

    So, you pitch a game on Monday, bullpen on Wednesday, next game on Friday. What's wrong with that?

    Source(s): The Science and Art of Baseball Pitching The coach's complete handbook to scientific pitching by Dick Mills and Dr. Brent S. Rushall, Ph.D., R. Psy Legion pitching coach and instructor
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    Alot of teams still go with their aces when they are on their normal 4 days of rest and skip the no.5 starter. With the amount of money these guys are making these days, they wont go to a 4-man rotation all the time which would mean 3-days rest and chances of hurting their arm. THEY ARE WIMPS.

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    Baseball Prosectus--among others--has looked into this with pretty sophisicated analysis.

    Nothing supports the 5 man rotation as the rule. There may be some teams which should do it, but most clubs would be better off chucking it.

    Source(s): See above
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  • Anonymous
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    I've been saying this for years!!!!!!!

    Especially with the bullpens today, there is NO reason to have a five man rotation.

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    while they do need that, notice that pitchers have become mediocre at best. i would have loved to see those old school pitchers go out there and toss complete games

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  • paul
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    the manager can decide to have a 4 man rotation if he wants.. mlb doesn't decide

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