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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureCultures & GroupsSenior Citizens · 1 decade ago

Is the world really THAT bad now compared to 20, 50, 100 years ago?

I'm asking this in the seniors section because I'm assuming a lot of you have lived through other crisises, wars, etc. like we are right now. Were things really a lot better back in the day?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Life has it's good and bad points during any period.

    Economically I'm much better off than my parents were.

    And my four children are even better off than I am.

    Medically - I have a better chance of staying alive now

    than I would have had fifty years ago. Life is good.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh, I don't know. We had civil defense drills because we were so afraid that a nuclear bomb would hit at any minute. Now there are crisis drills because we are so afraid that someone will come in and shoot up the school.

    Bad things happened in the world, but we weren't technologically wired up 24/7, so we didn't know about a lot of it until it was long over. Today we watch and hear the horrors as they occur.

    Someone mentioned how people came together during Vietnam. I remember it differently as one of the most divisive periods of my lifetime. National guardsmen were on campuses; there were riots; there were shootings on the Kent State campus. Returning veterans were shunned and spit on. 58,000 of them died.

    There was extreme racial discrimination, lynchings, violent protests, segregation in every aspect of life, etc.

    True we went outside and played all day and our parents didn't worry about us. That was the good part we all remember. There were milkmen and soda fountains at the corner drugstore. Now there are more organized and supervised sports programs after school, and there are latchkey kids and there are convenience stores on every corner where we can pick up our milk on the way home and there are drive-thrus where we can get a milkshake without getting out of the car.

    I'm thinking that we actually have it pretty good today-- it's just different. Of course, the banking failures are making everyone, myself include, very nervous, but this is not the first time or the worst time-- not yet anyway.

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  • 1 decade ago

    When I was growing up, and as I got older and into the working world, things were a lot easier than now. Still hard but easier. Inflation as I see it is the main culprit. It has driven higher all these years and wages have not. This makes daily living a lot harder from day to day and year to year. You used to be able to "work" you way up to a higher salary or position based solely on your work performance. Not so nowadays. You definitely have to have a college education. A2 year degree will only get you a mediocre job. If you want a decent paying job in this age, you need AT LEAST A 4 YEAR DEGREE and possibly more will be required in the distant future. It is all about greedy people taking advantage of the less greedy. Our current situation and economic crisis is a prime example of this. A man runs a multi million dollar company into the ground and is rewarded with 85 million. My theory, he ( and others) should be strung up and displayed in public. Everything was so much better back in the "old days". You weren't dependent on tv, computers, cell phones, credit cards, etc. Yes, they have made our lives easier but only in a world that is self destructing at a rapid rate!

    Best wishes!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hindsight is a wonderful window on a world long gone ........

    it may have seemed better - I am not sure.

    I am glad that I had my childhood in an age of innocence when there seemed to be less danger to children

    I am glad that my early working years I had the opportunity to choose what I wanted to do and had plenty of chances of employment

    I am glad that during my years of curiosity and adventure into the world of sex there wasn't the threats that there are now .... pregnancy being the most scary!

    I am glad that I knew real everyday people who were also real life hero's. Men who had defeated a huge and evil threat to the world.

    But those days had bad things too.

    Very little social benefits for those who really needed them.

    Employers called the shots without compassion at times.

    Women had little scope to further themselves outside of the house and family confines.

    Class was a huge divide in the UK.

    Some of this still exists - but I would say that mostly things have changed for the better.

    And if they have not - it is only my generation to blame!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes it is. Even with wars like Vietnam or the Korean war going on, people had a sense of unity and accountability that does not seem to be around much these days. Most communities were tight-knit and everyone knew everyone. We even knew the police in the neighborhood. I felt very safe in my schools and respected my teachers. No drugs, no weapons (does a Swiss or Boy Scount pocket knife count?), etc. If there was a fight on the playground, it was done with a fist. Not much violence otherwise. Kids were taught manners and to obey traffic rules. Peer pressure with morals was the order of the day. Yeah it was a whole lot better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well I can't speak to 100 years ago. I would agree that there are many opportunities out there.But I know the world was more innocent back then & when something bad happened people were more shocked.Maybe we have become too jaded nowadays.What with TV bombarding people in there homes with sex and violence on an hourly basis it's become almost commonplace. Too much is happening too fast. I wish the world would slow down and realize what's important! And that to me is take care of your own and then help others.. . .

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  • ROXY
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    there have always been wars and other catastrophes, but they were more localised , the world is much smaller now , we hear of every catastrophe within minutes of it happening ,any where in the we get a lot of bad news .

    where in the past certain areas and countries were affected ,now it's global ,and there is no place safe .eg, global warming, extinction of animals , nuclear waste ....etc..the challenges are much bigger ,hopefully common sense will prevail.

    and yes , i now lock my doors ,even when i'm home and i no longer walk by myself at at night.

    also to some extend it seemed a safer place before child abuse and domestic violence came out in the open.there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.

    sorry to paint such a grim picture ,may be next question will be about what's good .

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just a different set of problems. Every decade has there own and they always seem worse at the time. There hasn't been a single day of peace in the world, EVER. Even our ancestors 200,000 years ago were fighting each other. The basic cause of all of our problems is greed. Even back then. It's to bad we humans are so flawed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i'm not old enough

    but i heard on tv.GLEN BECK .back then..of 1929 crash...we had manufactor jobs, we had no DEBTS (USA that is)

    and there were no regulators.

    that under clinton wings and bush wings

    had deregulate too much..and one..area..there wre zero regulation.

    a congress and house screwup..messing what is working some folks says.

    IT Is not BROKEN..don't fix it. lol.

    so right NOW...america has little manufactories in USA..USA got debts that if every family had a 3 billion bucks..i thing we're breaking even.

    there is a terrible book out foreigner hands

    HOW TO DESTROY USA. through oil.(energy)

    banking (deflate our dollar) and debts (the war, and greed corruption)

    so having all of that in place.

    we just on the ledge is what i see...of a FALL.

    that would be greater than the great depresion.

    and OBAMA would be a bad choice of a president..due to inexperience..of all sort of stuff..we got growing dictator who want to war with us..who also OWN the world OIL as well.

    and we got GREAT DIVISION IN USA.

    and very selfish society as well..IN HIGH PLACES of the news media and paper editors..ect..who are SO LIBERAL that

    they are BLIND to the warning lights, and danger..USA is IN..of a MASSIVE WORLD WAR 3 at our doorstep..and can be on our well..with suitcase bomb..blah blah.


    and democrat took a 5 week vacation !!

    they see social issue need help

    but we got bad NATIONS out there will can or WILL strike IF WE get WEAKER

    dollar wise..and losing our not a good thing.

    Federal government need to go on a DIET.

    a CRASH reduce spending. 4 years ago !!

    and that why i look forward to palin charactistic with McCain characteristic IN clean it up..

    may they get 8 years in there.

    ronald reagan was 73 when he enter office.

    Mc Cain is 72..and much better health than Reagan..for christians prayers will DO there part to keep both of them in office safe and healthy..and trim this FAT lazy fearful government officials.

    rambling again.

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  • Peapie
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    YES!!! Wake up the youth of America cause you are looking at a very bleak future unless you get organized and march on Wash. DC and believe me you will have plenty of baby boomers who will back you up even if they have to sit in a lawn chair or a wheel chair they can still hold a sign and a speaker phone!!

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