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the best drugstore foundation?...HELP!?

okay, so i've been looking for the best foundation..

please don't ell me department store products...i don't have enough to spend im only 15.okay so im looking for something that will HIDE MY IMPERFECTIONS!!

i have oily skin & sensitive skin and with those comes acne !

i have acne but not that much..

i used the mineral power powder foundation from maybelline but it just broke me out it hid all the bad stuff but it broke me out..

i don't use liquid foundation i usually use..powder or the compact ones.

so can someone please help me with some answers PLEASE !


what product for covergirl?

and what will hide im imperfections?

Update 2:

will any of these products break me out?

i have sensitive skin

because maybelline mineral power broke me out.

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    Since you have sensitve skin & you broke out with Maybelline mineral powder foundation ~ Try Physicians Formula instead.

    There are no harmful ingredients in PF because it was made by a doctor because his wife was allergic to most ingredients in makeup. My face is sensitive too. I tried Bare Minerals & Loreal mineral makeup & my face broke out, plus it itched & burned. I really wanted to stay with minerals because I like the way it looked when I applied it.

    One of my younger sisters was using Physicians Forumula so I tried it. My face didnt break out or anything. I decided that it was bismuth that I am allergic to. Look at your

    Maybelline minerals & see if it has bismuth in it ~ if you still have it. Thats probably why you broke out.

    I really like PF ~ its not expensive & sold at drug stores like CVS or Rite Aid or stores like Target or Walmart. Plus theyve got a lot of makeup for sale. Just try the foundation & see if it works for you. Hope this works for you.

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    I like the Almay Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup

    For Oily Skin. Apply it with a stippling brush (skunk brush) like a mac 187 or a Sephora. This brush will give you an air brushed finish.

    For mineral foundation, I suggest everyday minerals.

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    Mascara: Maybelline Lash Stiletto BQ Liner: Pencil = Covergirl appropriate element Plus; Liquid = Maybelline Line Stiletto; Powder = L'Oreal Kohl Eyeliner; Cream = L'Oreal colour reality Cream Eyeliner BQ2: i do no longer likely use beginning place ?

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    Hey! i have the same problem! Well i use covergirl concealer then blot it and it seems to help. Covergirl is a good brand and isn't that expensive! It usually helps me survive through the day and then i wash my face at night to get rid of the dirt and oil which prevents the acne. Hope this helps!

    Source(s): myself!
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    i really really want to recommend you CoverGirl TruBlend.... cause i'm loving it.... but i also want to warn you that this product causes many to breakout.... my skin is not as sensitive as others, so i'm fine... but since you have lots of problem with products, you need to stay away from CoverGirl products... trust me!! they are too good to be true..... (for the price)

    if you're after drugstore,, i prefer Physician's Formula (the mineral liquid foundation) or Prestige Skin Loving Minerals.... Almay also has some great stuff as they are dermatologist tested... if you're after Maybelline, go for superstay silky... but other than that... don't try 'em before you heard good reviews about 'em..

    for your information,, check for reviews...

    Source(s): MYY personal experience
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    use the two sided (one white other skin tone) maybelline stuff and put a clear no color loose powder on top to decrease shine

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    i use mayblene or however u spell it! but i like it and also to hide ur imperfections dap a little concealer on your face as well

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