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Extreamly Important Question : Wills and SSI : SSD...?

I was given a check for $2K, because my Mother recently passed away, and it was said in her will.

Can I have the $2K ?

Do I really need to tell SSI ?

Do I put it in my bank account, and wait till it clears ?

Would I tell my Payee?

Its personal, should I have to worry about any trouble ?

I So Really need this $$$.

Can I cash it, if it was given to me by my oldest sister ?

Its a 3rd party check, how do you cash a 3rd party check ?

These are just some questions I'd want to put out there, because this is the first time I lost my Mom, and I know she would want me to have the money, and enjoy it, or at least spend it on things I really need, needed.

If you people on Yahoo Answers could help me out, without me stressing too much about it, I mean bad enough I just lost my mom, and the last thing she wanted, was for me to be lonely, or suffer.

Thanx, Admin Ace

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If I'm asking in the wrong section, might you suggest where I'm supposed to be or where to ask this specific question

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    You really need to talk to who ever is administering the estate.Each state may have a different set of laws and you don't want to get messed up. There may be a way to set assets so you have the money protected in a certain account, or program.We can all give you a personal perspective, but the real deal comes from your personal state laws. Sorry for your loss.

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    Sorry about your mom. Some one here might be able to answer your question but you might try posting it in law and ethics.

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