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okay, some people tell me to be really firm with my 4 month old husky, they say whenever she has done something bad tap her on the nose, and i have been doing this and she is a good dog, but sometimes i feel she responses to positive training better, for example if were in the park and i say COME she may not but if im dancing around like a mad person saying her name she comes..... this may seem like an obvious question but what im asking is: am i being to firm, especially for this breed or do i need to incorporate both training methods????

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    The only time my Siberians get bapped on the nose is when they're trying to grab a cookie out of my hand.

    I tell people that this breed requires firm, consistent training. By that I mean that you don't put up with their crap (i.e. jumping up on you, trying to dart past you out the door, etc.), you don't let them get away with things you don't want them to do, and every command you give them results in them doing what you told them (one way or another).

    This is not a stupid breed. When they realize they can get away with ignoring you, they will.

    If you tap your dog on the nose (once you catch her) for not coming when called, don't be surprised when she stops coming when called. You don't teach a solid recall by hitting the dog when it finally comes to you. All that teaches the dog is, "When I call you, bad things end up happening". The recall should *never* be anything but positive.

    Siberians off-lead are only vaguely interested in you, anyway. If you become the person that hits them when they do come back, what incentive is there to do so?

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    You shouldn't actually hit her.. It's just teaching her to be afraid of you and no body wins when that happens.

    Being firm, just means being constant. The rules are always the same, they don't change for anything. They just need a dominate person in their lives, someone they can follow. It doesn't mean to be a harsh, mean person to your dog, just make her follow the rules.

    If you see her responding the the positive training, use that method. You should never use a method of training that doesn't work.. It's just wasting your time and confusing or frustrating your dog. And most dogs respond better to being rewarded for good behavior and ignored for bad.

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    You can be firm in a positive way. Tell her to come. If she doesn't, go to her and say No, come. And pull her gently by her leash to you. When she does come to you, say good girl and give her some pets or a treat. You should always be firm with your dogs, but not abusive.

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    You can be firm and assertive without having to get physical.

    You know your dog, and I think you've already answered your own question. Postive reinforcement does work much better. Even a tap (everyones tap is a different strength) can make her nervous, and fear biting can result if she thinks you are going to hurt her.

    I'd rather go to someone who looks like they're having fun and are happy, I'm sure your dog thinks the same thing!

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