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thinking about getting a bunny...?

I've never owned one before the only type of rodent pet i had was a hamster, many of them. I was thinking about getting a bunny...

how long do they live for?

are they easy to take care of?

are they hard to train?

And give me some types that don't grow to large, like are there any that stay a bit bigger then a ginnie pig?

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    They can live for about 5 years or older if they are neutered.

    They are difficult to take care of. If they live outside, you've got to go through the whole bringing them in when it gets cold or the weather isn't good, you've got to give them lots of time to run around, brush them (And they shed their fur like hell in summer) and can be expensive to look after but for every £ you spend on them, you get a £100 back =)

    Nope they're very easy to train. I managed to litter train my rabbit when he was a baby overnight.

    There are Dwarf breeds that don't grow big but I have a Lionhead and they are amazing. So soppy and gentle, cuddle up to you for hours, gorgeous fur, and don't grow big at all. Mine's a year and 6 months old he's only abit bigger than a size 7 (UK) shoe.

    Good luck if you do decide to get a rabbit!

    Source(s): My lovely little boy, my Lionhead rabbit Pebbles. ♥ Picture of him:
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    They live for about 7 years from my experience. They are quite independant characters and feeding and watering them is simple. Cleaning out the hutch is a bit of a pain and needs to be done on a weekly basis or it will smell.

    I wouldn't say it was a good idea to have a bunny if you are proud of your garden because they will leave bits of poop everywhere and also eat your plants and dig holes. Another problem is that their food sometimes attracts unwanted guests such as rats and birds.

    You can't really train a bunny they are quite wild, they may let you hold them and they may come to you when you shake the bag of food but apart from that there is not much training you can do.

    You can buy dwarf rabbits and they stay small forever and are really cute but even regular sized rabbits don;t grow to be that big.

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    Hiya :)

    I have had 4 rabbits and have 2 at the mo, and they are such loving, caring little creatures who can become not only pets but members of the family, however, they do look soo cute & cuddly from the outside but rabbit ownership is definitely not as easy as you think.

    You will need ...









    First off, baby rabbits look cute and all but they are possibly one of the hardest trusting pets. It may take monthes for them to get used to you & to being handled. Handling them is difficult as it is a fast, tense moment that can be stressful for u & ur bun . But if done right can be rewarding. Place a hand around there chest and another supporting their bum. Hold them close to your body so they feel secure.

    Bunnies are VERY sociable so they need another one of there kind. 2 rabbits is more easier than keeping one alone. This is a MUST unless you are willing to dedicate large ammounts of time each day playing with it & if the rabbit is a house rabbit.

    Rabbits live for up to their teens & are easy to train but I really cannot stress how fragile their personalities are and one wrong move can result in mistrust from your bunn.

    I really suggest (even though from personal experience this may sound lame) that you try and adopt one from a rescue centre for your first set of rabbits but it can be so much more rewarding and they may be friendlier and easier to handle & you won't have to go through "bunny puberty" (IF U WANT DETAIL SEARCH IT ON GOOGLE)

    I have found through personal experience that a dutch rabbit may be the best "first rabbit" or a lop, but try and avoid dwarfs as some are renowned for bad temperement but others may disagree. Even better, have a chat with a few "Bunny friendly" people or visit a shelter for advice.

    Pleassee take my advice or buy a good book or something about rabbits because its really not as easy as it looks



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    there not that easy to take care of though...these are the only negative things about a rabbit

    they poop alot so figure out which corner it goes in and put a litterbox there

    they pee alot (same thing)

    if you get a mean one it will bite alot but if you get a sweet one YOULL LOVE IT

    they live up to 10 years or longer

    there not that easy to train because it depends on what tricks you wanna teach them

    Source(s): i own 3 bunnies and I LOVE IT
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    Rabbits are awesome. You just have to relate to them. They are preyed on, so they aren't like dogs or cats. They live to 10 years. They can live longer than that, but it would have to be very healthy.

    They aren't that hard to take care of. They love to eat your scraps. Banan peels, apple skins and cucumber peels they like. They like ALOT of stuff. Rabbits are differnet though. I had a rabbit who didn't even like carrots.

    I have never tried to train my rabbits, but a neighbor did. Rabbits mostly go in one corner, so you can figure out where it goes and then put a litter box there. I have heard that you should keep it in one room, so that it goes in it's litter box and then go to 2 rooms and so on.

    Netherland dwarfs are a small breed. Mini lops aren't too big, but are maybe 2 or 3 times a guinea pig. They are very cool. Mini lops are SOOO pretty. Hope I helped! email me for more info

    Source(s): I have 10 rabbits.
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    i had one about a year ago. it was a medium bunny

    and it never got really big. I thought it would be so simple

    to have a bunny.

    but i was in for a huge surprise..

    since i got it out of random, just because i fell in love with it..

    i had to keep it in a box before i got it a cage...

    the bunny would immediately poop everything it ate.. everywhere

    pee all the time.,. by the way omg that pee is soo stronggg

    u can smell it from far.. that bunny would always get out of the box..

    i dont know HOW!! and jump on my bed and try to sleep there

    it was so freakin weird.. i'd put it back on the box and it would

    always go back to the bed.








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    we've had rabbits and guinea pigs- if you ge a nice one there lovely things- handle it everyday and it will be fine- clean run every week feed everyday- done! bunnies are great def get one

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    Don't get one! My friend got one and it was fine as a baby but they just "go" none stop and are not good! I wouldn't suggest it!

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    i would get a guinea pig they are better pets

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