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Does McCain cares more about Wall Street or Main Street?

Most of

these are involved in the Subprime Scandal. There is banking, big

media, IS and IT for federal gov., foodservice for gov., energy giants,

big pharma, and large equity investment firms.

This is the kind of the information that could help

expose McCain as the true Washington insider he is, and NOT a defender of the Constitution and the people.

He takes his marching orders from.....:

Top McCain 2007 Contributors

1 Citigroup Inc (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions) $145,050

2 Blank Rome LLP – (attorneys) $141,400

3 Greenberg Traurig – (1750 lawyers) $129,987

4 Merrill Lynch (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions) $119,675

5 Goldman Sachs (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions)


6 IDT Corp – (telecommunications) $80,150

7 Pinnacle West Capital $77,850

8 Bank of New York Mellon (Subprime Scandal) $74,000

9 JP Morgan Chase & Co (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset

questions) $72,100

10 Irvine Co Apartment Community $68,400

11 Broadcasting Media Partners $67,800

12 MGM Mirage $66,100

13 Credit Suisse Group $63,350

14 Lehman Brothers (Subprime Scandal) $61,450

15 Bridgewater Assoc $58,300

16 Cisco Systems $56,850

17 Triwest Healthcare Alliance $54,250

18 FedEx Corp $52,100

18 Wachovia Corp (Subprime Scandal) $52,100

20 Morgan Stanley – (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset

questions) $51,950


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  • Tom
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    1 decade ago
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    As much as Obama does. Obama will also vote for the bailout package.

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  • 3 years ago

    no longer appropriate what-so-ever. Why could bankers be in penal complex whilst Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Obama and his cronies are nevertheless jogging the streets. Obamacare robs us all of our liberty. you think of wellness care is undesirable now? You aint considered nothin yet. except you're properly linked or wealthy your wellness care with be cr@p.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    McCain 2008!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    McCain is smart enough to know that if you take care of WALL STREET, Main Street will benefit.

    Obama is faining concern for MAIN STREET because he can leverage it into his socialist agenda.

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