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Who do u think will be the starting PF for the Pistons?? ?

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    As of right now, Rasheed Wallace is still the projected starting PF with Antonio McDyess as the starting C. Things could change with new head coach Michael Curry taking over, so there is a possibility that Jason Maxiell could start at C and move McDyess back to the bench, where he has the most success with this team. Of course the first 3 position should be entrench in stone (Billups, Hamilton, Prince) so the battle in training camp between McDyess and Maxiell should be intresting.

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  • 4 years ago

    properly Chris Wilcox and Jason Maxiel are the two ability Forwards. in my opinion i think of Ben Wallace is in basic terms too yet he's becoming older and isnt as useful as he was. Kwame Brown in basic terms sux so i definately wouldnt initiate him. I dont incredibly think of Wilcox is a starter interior the NBA.... i might pass with Maxiel myself.

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