Why do Alaskans call Sarah Palin "Palinocchio"? ?

Is her so called 80% "approval" rating yet another in a long string of lies?


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    The media coverage of Palin has caused alaskans from across the state to come out against her as completely unsuited to the job of VP (What does the VP DO anyway). The 80% approval was her rating as governor, but since she's been tapped as VP people have come out of the woodwork against her for the good of America. It's some of the largest rallies in recent memory.

    People in Alaska know she is lying, that's why.

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    That 80 percent approval doesn't mean jack. Take a look at her. She's highly conservative. Take a look at Alaska. It's highly conservative. Of course, she would get high ratings in Alaska.

    What about the other 20 percent though? What about the people that aren't conservatives? What about the people that aren't white? What about the Native Alaskans who question her actual support of them?

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin routinely notes her husband's Yup'ik Eskimo roots. But those connections haven't erased doubts about her in a community long slighted by the white settlers who flocked to Alaska and dominate its government.


    Since she took office in 2006, many Alaska Natives say they've felt ignored when she made appointments to her administration, sided with sporting interests over Native hunting rights and pursued a lawsuit that Natives say seeks to undermine their ancient traditions.

    Alaska's population today is mostly white but nearly a fifth of its people are Native Americans — primarily Alaska Natives. Blacks and Asians combined make up less than 10 percent of the state's population.

    As a result, race relations in Alaska are different from those in other states. Palin inherited a complex, sometimes strained relationship with Alaska Natives. There is a wide economic disparity between its predominantly white urban areas and the scores of isolated Native villages, and competition between sport hunting rights and tribal sovereignty.

    Early in her administration, Palin created a furor by trying to appoint a white woman to a seat, held for more than 25 years by a Native, on the panel that oversees wildlife management. Ultimately, Palin named an Athabascan Indian to the game board, but not before relations were bruised.


    as a person who is son of black man and white woman, I am a liberal democrat that believes in women's rights,gay rights,civil rights,separation of church and state, there is no way that I would want to live in Alaska nor would I approve of her as governor.

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    I don't think that is a lie. There is also that 20% who do not approve. So, the media needs a story, they need to stir things up, and this is what they want to show everyone.

    Before Bill Clinton took office, the media loved him. LOVED HIM. When he took office, all they did was talk major smack on the guy. They always need a story, always. (I don't really like ol' Bill, but it's just a classic story of the media). They do this with everyone. Were your born yesterday?

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    So Sarah Piglin is a corrupt liar? No surprise.

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    Maybe because if she's not killing wildlife, she's busy lying, and Alaskans have been there, heard that, and know it.

    Obama/Biden 08!..

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    Because she has stuck her long lying nose up McCains butt

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    the saddest part is that it took nearly a month for the Democratic "operatives" that were sent up there the day after the RNC to think that one up and distribute the signs...

    ...honestly guys....it's not THAT creative...

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    how dare that old crow where my beloved Phillies jacket- Philly doesn't love that ho'

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