what is the legal age of a kid to stay home by himself?

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    Latchkey-kids has some info on their site, with the consensus average age of being 12, while exercising good judegement. If you feel your twelve yo isn't mature, then don't do it...

    They also have a list state by state "recommendations":

    Latchkey Children Age Restrictions By State

    The following table lists legal age restrictions for children left at home alone categorized by state within the U.S. Please note that city and county ordinances within each state may have more definitive and restrictive laws. Call Child Welfare Information Gateway at 800-394-3366 to learn about age guidelines in your area.


    Minimum Age of

    Home Alone Child


    Alabama None Alabama Babysitting Laws

    Alaska None Fairbanks Resource Center for Parents & Children

    Arizona None Arizona Department of Economic Security

    Arkansas None Definitions of Child Abuse and Neglect - Arkansas

    California None Child Abuse Prevention Council

    Colorado 12 * Colorado Department of Human Services

    Connecticut None State of Connecticut Attorney General's Office

    Delaware 12 * Delaware Division of Family Services

    Florida None Florida Eighth Judicial Circuit Family Court FAQ

    Georgia 9 NBC Augusta.com

    Hawaii None Hawaii Department Of The Attorney General

    Idaho None Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

    Illinois 13 Illinois Children & Family Services

    Indiana None No Laws Govern Leaving Children Alone

    Iowa None Iowa Department Of Human Services

    Kansas 12 * Kansas Health & Environment

    Kentucky None LAW & JUSTICE Children at Home Alone Nov, 2003

    Louisiana None Louisiana Department of Social Services

    Maine None Maine Kids & Kin

    Maryland 8 Maryland Unattended Children Law

    Massachusetts None Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries

    Michigan None Calhoun County Courts

    Minnesota None Minnesota Dakota County Attorney's Office

    Mississippi None Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    Missouri None KRCG Latch-key limbo An Education Report 2006

    Montana None Montana Child & Family Services

    Nebraska 11 * Midwest Child Care Association

    Nevada Unknown No Resource Found

    New Hampshire None State Of New Hampshire Attorney General

    New Jersey None NJ Department of Human Services

    New Mexico None VogueSeattle.com Lawyer Answers

    New York None New York Children & Family Services

    North Carolina None NC Health & Human Services

    North Dakota 9 * North Dakota CSCC (Kid's Council)

    Ohio None Human Development & Family Science

    Oklahoma None Lawton PD - Guide For Working Parents

    Oregon 10 City of Albany, Oregon FAQ

    Pennsylvania None Pittsburg Post-Gazette.com article June, 2007

    Rhode Island Unknown No Resource Found

    South Carolina 8 * NBC Augusta.com

    South Dakota None South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service

    Tennessee 10 * Tennessee Juvenile & Family Court Judges

    Texas None Texas Family & Protective Services

    Utah None Children's Service Society of Utah

    Vermont Unknown No Resource Found

    Virginia None Chesterfield County, Virginia Social Services

    Washington 10 * Child Care Resources

    West Virginia Unknown No Resource Found

    Wisconsin 12 * Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin

    Wyoming 12 * Wyoming Child Protective Services

    * Guideline ONLY. These states do not set a specific age after which a child legally can stay home alone but do provide recommendations.

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    It depends on what state you live in. I live in New Jersey and I've been staying home alone since I was 9 (my sister was 6).

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    I had also asked this same question two times, and didn't get a good answer

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