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what would happen if you only ate cheese for a week?

would you lose weight? would you gain weight? would it make you sick?

also please answer this, what would happen if you only ate fruit for a week? would it make you lose weight? gain weight? be sick?

whats a good thing to eat that means you can still lose weight?

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    If you ate only cheese for a week, you would definitely not be feeling well, probably by Day 3. All the dairy and sodium would make you feel sluggish and constipated. You would probably gain weight from your body having a lack of nutrients and being stopped up.

    As for fruit, you would be going to the bathroom a lot more but it would be difficult to feel full, plus they have a lot of (natural) sugars in them so it's not necessarily your best option for losing weight. You might lose weight but as soon as you start to eat normal foods you will gain it all back.

    There is no miracle food but if you are going for a healthier diet and want to gain lean muscle and burn fat, your best bet is to eat a balanced diet of foods in their natural state (aka not processed, unrefined foods). Eat a portion of protein and a carb at every meal.

    The key to losing weight is keeping track of your calories and making sure you are staying about 500 calories short of the amount you need to maintain the weight you are at. Gaining muscle means you have to up your protein levels. I use to keep track of how many calories I eat, burn, and the percentages of my food that are protein/carbs/fat.

    Hope this helps!

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    It would probably be like the atkins diet, your body would get all it's energy from the fat in the cheese and you may end up losing weight due to the lack of carbs.

    If you only ate fruit for a week I think you would have a very cleansed digestive system! It would make you lose weight but your body wouldn't get any of the essential fats or protein that it needs so it wouldn't be very healthy. I went on a really strict diet a while back where I only really ate fruit or veg and some cereals. The weight dropped off quickly but I didn't feel healthy at all and was really tired all the time. It's also made it difficult for me now to try and maintain a healthy balanced diet without gaining weight as I was so used to living on few calories.

    I swear by Weetabix for breakfast, soup/salad or low fat sandwich for lunch with plenty of fruit and a healthy balanced dinner for losing weight. It helps to read up about food and nutrition so you have the knowledge to choose the right foods yourself. Don't always assume that lower fat versions or 'less than 10%' fat foods are healthy.

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    You could eat a cheese only diet. Cheese is typically about 50% protein and 50% fat with only a negligible amount of carbs. This is very similar to a bodybuilding diet. Although bodybuilders usually try to eat an even higher % of protein, few actually succeed so 50/50 is pretty good. High sodium is not as horrible as people think. Salt can exasperate an underlying problem such as obesity, but if you are losing weight the only negative thing salt will do is make you retain a little water. The only drawback I can see to a cheese only diet if if you have a problem digesting dairy. One commenter mentioned that cheese will 'back you up'. I don't agree. If all yo uere eating was cheese you would have plenty of fat to ease things along. Every eat something greasy (high in fat) and have to run to the bathroom a few hours later? Same concept. The reason most people complain of constipation from cheese is not due to the cheese itself but due to the carbs that people put the cheese on top of.

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    My diet is cheese sometimes eggs with lots of cheese and this has been my diet for 12 years now. Pretty broke and cheese and eggs are cheap. It depends on your stomach some people can do it and others can't. I'm 5'7 150 lbs and healthy. Cheese has protein but the amount of cholesterol you get vs the amount of protein you get from cheese is not a good ratio. Most cheeses have 15-35mg of cholesterol and around 6 or 7 grams of protein and that's for 1 oz serving. So if I were you I would go for a low fat cheese or a Swiss/Jarlsberg which has a lower cholesterol content and proven to be healthier than a cheddar or american.

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    You'd be extremely constipated, so you'd probably gain weight. Cheese isn't a food that's normally considered a "diet food".......

    If you eat only fruit ... only cheese ... only meat ... you'll get sick. You need a combination of all things for a healthy, nutritious diet. 4-5 servings of fruits and/or veggies per day; 2-3 servings of protein; some calcium and fiber.

    If you eat sensibly and in moderation, without sauces and fattening additives, you will lose (or maintain) weight. If you eat the same basic foods, and add alot of creamed sauces, sodium, sugar, then you'll gain weight

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    It is so not good for you to just eat one type of food. Crash diets do not work in the long run as after 2 weeks your body goes into starvation mode and anything you do eat will be conserved as fat.

    One week of eating cheese will probably not do you a great deal of harm but you get constipated. The opposite would happen if you just ate fruit for a week.

    If you want to lose weight decrease the amount of calories you consume and move more.

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    Nothing but cheese for a week- - sounds like severe constipation would happen.

    Nothing but fruit - - maybe some diarrhea will happen.

    To lose weight eat a healthy diet with moderate size portions and make sure to excersize. To lose weight you should burn more calories than you ingest.

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    Cheese will bind you up. It is never a good idea to eat a large amount of one thing. For weight loss you need to eat some protein and large amounts of veggies and some fruits. Stay away from dairy that is not low fat. Do not eat sugar and white foods like bread for weight loss. Also cheese could raise your cholesterol when eating large amounts.

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    If you ate cheese for a week you would probably gain weight, your cholesterol would shoot up, and your bowels would be on lockdown.

    If you ate fruit for a week it's possible that you would loose weight, but you would be missing out on vital nutrients, including protien.

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    most of the above mentioned horrors, and it would up your cholesterol level to 25.9 or thereabouts on the richter scale, which would clog up your arteries and the resulting build up of blood pressure would cause you to explode with the equivelent force of a full broadside of 16 Trident missiles, which would be heard on Jupiter at 97 decibels. Oh, and you'd go all red and soft and soggy all be ever so slightly atomised over the wall and ceiling. so perhaps it might not be a real smart idea. Would I tell you fibs?

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