why is lebanon considered an arab country when all its cultures and traditions are european?

Ive been to lebanon and the muslim girls wear mnini skirts, bikinis and bras on the beach, gay bars, gay beaches, and they even celebrate christmas and valentines day and thankgiving, and halloween, etc.

So why is it considered an arab country when they all live like europeans?


But the Hot girls I met were MUSLIMS!! and they were wearing miniskirts too!!

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    Lebanon is an Arab country because the language they speak is Arabic!

    Culture has got nothing to do with language or nationality.

    Even India follows the American style and cultures now...they wear panties everywhere they go!

    So, does India become an American country?

    Lebanon is advanced, and they were colonized by the western people once, and this is why they are so different than the rest of the Arab countries, and in fact, I am happy that among all, there is one Arab country that has open minded people in it.

    I live in the UAE and have met many Lebanese people.

    There are a lot of Christians, and Muslims as well as Jewish people in Lebanon.

    It is not necessary that all Muslim women should be wearing Burqa....because they don't.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Lebanon is not mapped in Europe that's why. Then there is Turkey and Israel. They are part of the Euro community, but they too are not in Europe and never will be.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lebanon is a mainly christian country.

    80 Christian 18 Muslim 2 Jew

    Source(s): I had asked this question to many lebaneaise people before.
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