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Allbrook mall Panama?


I'm going to Panama very soon and I would like to know if anyone can tell me what kind of shops I can expect to get in this mall. Like some well known shops. And if you have pictures that I can see they are also welcome.

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  • Seryan
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    1 decade ago
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    The Allbrook Mall in Panama City is a two dollar taxi ride from El Cangrejo and most hotels.

    It is the largest mall in the country. It has two levels and is adjacent to the Panama bus terminal. You can go by bus for .25 cents. The buses are old American School buses, gaily painted and called Diablo Rojo.

    There are dozens and dozens of shops in the mall. There are the (recognizable to Panama) usual department stores and specialty shops. There are three food courts, the largest with a Merry go round and a model train that goes on a track above your head.

    There is a Cinema complex with several movies playing at the same time.

    There might be some USA known shops but I don't remember any.

    There are plenty of USA franchise restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut.

    There are shops and department stores that offer just about every price point, from the lowest at places like Dorian's and Costco to mid price like Stephen's and Conway (Target) and the more upscale too.

    This is the main mall where the middle class shops. There are a lot of shopping malls in Panama. The upscale one is Multi-Plaza. The other

    mid price one is Multi-Centro. The cheaper one is on Avenida Central the Pedestrian Mall known as Peatonal. That is fun just to walk

    around it. Sorry, I can't post pictures here. But you can Google images and find some.

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