Will Gary Abblet Jrn be as good as hird bucks and voss?

i know it probably "too soon to say" but i still think it makes for an interesting topic.

please answer as many people as possible.


wahh alright your entitiled to your own opinion but thats a bit rash dont you think. maybe in a couple of years

Update 2:

wow im amazed at how biest i have been. i have always arguing how it was wrong to compare hird and ablett jrn i must have been so biest far out thanks for answering so far its been a real eye opener

Update 3:

wow im amazed keep the answers coming!

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes it is too early to say. Ablett is clearly at his peak but how long will he remain there? We may have already seen the best of Ablett Jnr - Its possible that next season he may suffer a major injury or an enormous form slump - we have seen this happen to quite a number of the games most promising players over the years.

    But what you ask IS very interesting so a star goes out to you.

    Unfortunatly only time can really answer your question .

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    I am a huge fan of Hird, have followed his career right through and think he is the finest player of my lifetime - and I saw Coleman, Jack Clarke and several other real stars for the Dons.

    Buckley isn't far behind Hird, and Voss not far behind him. Robert Harvey would be the next I'd rate in 2008 players.They are all in an elite group of versatile and determined players who'll be remembered, and compared, forever.

    I think Ablett the Kitten has that quality as well. He's a mighty player, but isn't over-impressed with his own importance. He was one of the few Geelong players in the GF who kept on despite knowing all was lost.

    Would also predict that Franklin may reach that rank - too early to be sure for him, at 21 - Riewoldt, Jon Brown of the Liars, Cooney. There are half a dozen very young and very good players who may also get there.

    Yes, Ablett Jr is fit to mix with H B and V.

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    I rate Gary Ablett very highly. In fact, I rank him in a list of the best players I have seen. I think putting Hird, Buckley and Voss as the 'Big 3' superstars of the league. I rank them in a long list of 'Superstars' that I have seen play in my short lifetime. This list includes (in no particular order):

    J. Hird

    N. Buckley

    M. Voss

    M. Ricciuto

    G. Archer

    W. Carey

    T. Lockett

    G. Ablett (snr)

    G. Ablett (jnr)

    C. Judd

    So, in answer to your question, Ablett, along with a heap of other players, is as good as those three players.

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    1 decade ago

    interesting good question ablett is very good and he is in the top 5 in the afl but voss buckley and hird have done something he has never done brownlow but saying that he is young he will do it and he will be better

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  • he is definately gonna be better than Buckley and Hird if he keeps this form up. but it'd be hard to top Voss though (captained his team to 4 grandfinals, winning 3 of them)

  • 1 decade ago

    On his current form he is outstanding.

    His speed and strength are remarkable, its very rare that he gets caught holding the ball or even tackled one on one for that matter. His ability to push forward and kick goals is also a valuble asset. Also coming from good genes wouldnt hurt his chances.

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    1 decade ago

    yeh he defs will be and must say already is got 34 possesions in the GF and two goals , he is a superstar and is super fit

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    1 decade ago

    Maybe but he wont have anything on Rob Harvey, the greatest midfielder ever

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    1 decade ago

    he has 2 win a brownlow 1st

  • 1 decade ago

    Good question, im gonna keep this short and sweet.

    He is already as good as them, maybey better.

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