how many see the bailout is more of a benefit for foreign countries?

considering that the euro and other currency are starting to equalize against the us dollar and there has been no bailout.


ok. i see you have more to say but are afraid of being in that same catagory to wich you reffer to in your answer. it would be ignorant to think that these foregn markets do not have a big stake in this bail out. if they would be uneffected then why are there visable signs of euro dropping and the dollar gaining.

Update 2:

even if the benifit to a foriegn gov. is as little as 1 percent i think it is 1 percent to much, there has never been a foreign gov. that contributed to the american coffers with out an expetation of a benifit for it, what would our benifit be as the american people as a whole, there has been alot of these countries that hold allot of hostillities twords americans

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    1 decade ago
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    It will benefit others in other countries, yes, but I think it will benefit us more.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that this bailout is no more of a benefit for foreign countries,as it is for America.

    Other countries face just as much as we all do and this bailout isn't to give free money to foreign countries in having ours to do without.

  • Only the ignorant and uninformed. Of which there are all too many.

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