What do the rest of the world think about Kenya?

I would love to go there one day.What do you all think about kenya?

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    I absolutely love Kenya!! The people of Kenya are beautiful and I love the land and all that it provides. I love the sounds of Kenya. I love that it does not sound like the USA, and worship is sincere and with a dedication to the Lord that I cannot find in the USA. I love the foods of Kenya! I miss it very much, but Lord willing, it will become my permanent home! The schooled children soar above the educational statistics here in the United States, and many are eager to learn!

    It has it's slums, but having lived amonst those who live in the slums they make the best of their situations. Most keep their homes very clean, and dress with respect when they go out to market, church or meetings. They are beautiful people, and I LOVE THE KENYAN SMILE!! So much adversity, but yet you will find them filed with joy and smiling, and always welcoming you into their homes for a cup of chai tea!

    Just as in the USA, there are issues of crime, violence, corruption, etc. I could easily get shot by a drive by shooting in the USA...and if I go to New York, CA, Milwaukee, I could get mugged just as easy as it could happen in Kenya. That unfortunately is a worldwide problem.

    The fresh fruits and vegetables, and the hills, and trees and florals of Kenya are just beautiful and abundant! Even the pot hole filled roads are interesting LOL I have lived in Kenya for one year and one month, and I lonnnnnnnggg to go back and when I do...I plan to stay a long time, Lord willing.

    But the best part of Kenya are the people of Kenya!

    Hope you decide to go, feel free to contact me. I'm even looking for funding to go back!!!

    Source(s): OUT OF MY OWN EXPERIENCE!!! :)
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    The Republic of Kenya is a country in East Africa. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the northeast, Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, and Sudan to the northwest, with the Indian Ocean running along the southeast border. The country is named after Mount Kenya, a very significant landmark and the second highest mountain in Africa, and both were originally although the native pronunciation and the one intended by the original transcription Kenia was [ˈkenia]. During the presidency of Jomo Kenyatta in the 1960s, the current pronunciation [ˈkɛnjə] became widespread in English too because his name was pronounced according to the original native pronunciation. Before 1920, the area now known as Kenya was known as the British East Africa Protectorate and so there was no need to mention mount when referring to the mountain.

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    Rest of the world think that kenya (most have no idea where it is in africa) is one big risky place in which poverty, corruption, war, disease, incompetent governance, human rights abuses and poor infrastructure are the order of the day.

    To me kenya is GREAT. great people, great food, great culture, great climate, great scenery, great experience and mmm... a coalition government. The fact is people have had different experiences while here, both good and bad. The only way to find out is to just travel. I believe that some amount of risk in life is good, indeed essential so, if you want to come to kenya, just do it. Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down

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    I wrote this song about Kenya (link below)

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    I think about Owen and Mzee and the Aldabran Islands.

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    It's strange but maybe you'll love the place

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