How do I get an iPhone if I can't get service with At&t?

I really like the iPhone 3g, but I can't have one because I don't have service with At&t and I have to deposit $400.00 to get service started. Now I know that other service providers will introduce their own version of iPhone but it's not the same as Apple iPhone from At&t. What should I do as far as getting my hand on one? Will the other wireless service providers eventually carry the iPhone or no? Thanks for your time!


You mentioned that an lock iPhone 3G from AT&T has the visual voicemail. Can you explain what that is and how is it different than unlocked iPhone?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well, internationally there are other carriers that have the iPhone 3G. As far as the US though the iPhone 3G is locked to be with AT&T until at least 2010.

    However there are unlocked iPhone 3Gs available, in which case you wouldn't have to go with AT&T. Although you will loose visual voicemail, that's an AT&T exclusive with the iPhone.

    A site has an unlocked 3G available. Of course the price for an unlocked 3G would be higher than a locked one as the 3G unlocked as of right now is rare. So expect that. Also the Apple Store in Hong Kong also now has iPhone 3Gs unlocked available for $690 something to $790 something (8GB & 16GB respectively).

    Also you could get an unlocked 2G (1st) iPhone, in which case unlocks are much easier to do & therefore more readily available.

    If you get an unlocked one you wouldn't have to deal with AT&T.

    Like me.

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    Nada. 2 thoroughly distinctive languages. Verizon makes use of CDMA (code branch dissimilar get admission to) and AT&T makes use of GSM (international device for cellular communique.) Like attempting to get a toaster to speak to a microwave.

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