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Environmentally clean engines-possible?

Any ideas? What kind of fuel should be used for clean engines?

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    Depends on if you are asking about converting a regular gas powered car to a cleaner burning fuel or a vehicle built from the beginning for a certain kind of fuel. If it's a conversion from gasoline to something else then LPG or CNG is a good conversion as it burns very clean. Plus the infrastructure for the fuel is easier to come by then any other option out there right now. The downside is that the fuel mileage of CNG or LPG is about 50 to 60% of gasoline and while the price for it is about 60% of gasoline you end up paying a few percent more for fuel overall then gasoline.

    If it's for a vehicle built from the beginning for a better kind of fuel then two other options are hydrogen (as mentioned by the other person) and electric vehicles. The problem is in order for it to really be a truly clean burning vehicle the source of the electricity used to keep it going must be from a clean burning source of energy. To get hydrogen from water electricity is used to seperate the hydrogen from H2O. And to recharge the batteries in an electric car you need a source for energy for that too. The ultimate source would be wind, hydro-electric, or solar. No pollution at all from those. But since most of our electrical energy comes from coal burning power plants hydrogen powered vehilces or electric cars are not as green as they want you to think.

    So based on our current infrastrucure I think LPG or CNG is about the best bet at the moment. If the US ever builds a lot of power plants that use something other then coal then I think hydrogen would be great.

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