Why do Black people feel that they need special attention?

I work electronics at Best Buy. It doesn't happen with all blacks but it happens often. It would be a real busy day, and black customers will get pissed off because I didn't give them special attention. I never did anything to wrong any black people, and they were giving me bad attitude. I wont give you special attention because your black. I will treat you as I treat any customer to the best of my ability. It angers me if black people assume that I am racist when I'm not. This kind of situation has happened to me before with other blacks. I would be working like normal, and out of nowhere a black person will get extremely pissed and lash out at me. I don't know what it's like to be black in America, but what I do know is that this kind of behavior is unacceptable

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    Coming form a black woman who doesn't need "special attention", perhaps it's not the black people, maybe it's your customer service skills. Do you greet everyone when they come in? If your busy with another customer at the moment, when you notice an unaided customer looking like they need assistance do you kindly say to your current customer "just a second please" and take 5 seconds out to tell the unassisted customer "I'm with another customer, but I'll be with you as soon as possible" or say "I'm with another customer, but that gentleman over there is John and he's also a sales assoc. and I'm sure he'd be more than happy to assist you"? I feel quite confident in saying that you probably don't do that, because if you did then there wouldn't be any room for anyone to get upset with you. Am I wrong? Just the fact that you would take a few black people getting upset with you and then entitle you question as "Why do Black people feel they need special attention", speaks volumes of you as a person. Are you saying that there hasn't been not 1 customer get mad at you who wasn't black? The point that I'm trying to make is that not everyone can be wrong. Did you never stop and say to yourself "hey I had half a dozen complaints in the last month, maybe I'm the problem." as opposed to saying that all the blacks that were displeased with your level of professionalism were in need of "special attention" as you so fondly put it. LOL This question is HILARIOUS to me and honestly it's equally as disheartening. Instead of simply fixing the problem i.e. your customer service skills you rather the customers.... uh.... just the black ones though.... to lower their standards and expectations of what a worthwhile cs rep should be, when I'm sure their coming in to spend a substantial amount of money (seeing how it's Best Buy and all) and accept your obviously lacking service skills and just wait until your ready to give them "attention". That's ridiculous and if you really think about this I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion. It's human nature to want to be acknowledgedd, not just a "black people" thing; and the fact is if you were giving your customers that little bit of acknowledgment in the first place (even if that's saying your busy and cant assist them at the moment) they would feel acknowledged and in turn wouldn't be "giving you a bad attitude".

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    You know I've worked customer service just about all my life and I've actually noticed the opposite. If you really treat everyone with proper respect and don't treat them as if they are stupid, it's the white people that get pissed off that your not treating them with the proper respect when your treating everyone the same.

    I've worked the electronics department in Best Buy before here in Fort Worth and I've gone from black customer to white customer several times, and on numerous occasions had them both looking for the same things. Now of course I show one customer the product and get them out the door, and help the next customer (which happens to be white) and they freak out on me that I'm not using the right tone of voice or showing them the proper respect (hell I had one customer scream at me because I didn't get him a bottle of water while he was searching for a T.V.).

    Truth be told. It not because the customer you helped was black. It's because the customer was a dick. It's not race, it's upbringing that define attitude.

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    I don't think this is a racial issue. It's a "where you work" issue. Best Buy has idiotic hypersensitive and wound up customers period. Walking into that place is like a jungle. You have a bunch of electronics, a bunch of excited men, a bunch of women trying to reign in these men from spending their entire paycheque, and everybody and their dog looking for the best deal they can get in the littlest amount of time. There are 50 rabid customers looking/battling for assistance and only one of you. You are like a beacon in a field.

    I assume you have a lot of black people in your area, so many of these customers just happen to be black. Do you just worry/assume they think you're being racist, or has someone actually said that? I personally wouldn't sweat it, I think what you're describing is simply just part of the job.

    Source(s): Worked in retail for one year (almost killed myself) and delt with MANY major idiots with bones to pick. Oddly enough, none of them were black (I live in a Canadian city with few blacks in my area)....
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    oh just black at work and you think we are all like that? ha relax, those kind of attitudes can be in anyone regardless of race. are you sure they want special attention? there is a possibility that you are the one looking at them as blacks rather than customers. which means maybe if a black come by and say something bad or something, you don't think he/she is just a jerk but instead you just jump to the conclusion that is because he/she is black.. sorry for my english if you can't figure out what i want to say here but i just want to make it clear that not all/only black people do that.

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    Maybe you get a different type of customer than I do; however, I work retail and I would definitely say that black people, in general, do not require extra help. In fact, to the contrary, they seem to enjoy being left alone except for a "hello" or a "can i help you?" if they obviously look like they need or want help.

    I would say, of the black customers I encounter at my job, most are friendly and most require less help than other races of customer.

    Source(s): disG
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    alright, I know where you're coming from. I work at a restaurant as a hostess and find that the black people tend to be extremely demanding and never leave a decent tip, no matter how hard the server worked for them. I had a table come in of large (to put it politely) black ladies and a man, and there were no tables (which they requested) available, only booths (which no one on the larger side can fit into). I assured them that a table would be opening up in just a moment, as a party was just getting ready to pay their bill. I had them take a seat until the table was ready. another party walked in requesting a booth, so I sat them. Well wouldn't you know it, the lady has a total fit about how I'm being racist and making them wait. It literally took my manager 20 minutes to explain to her that the table WHICH SHE REQUESTED was not available yet. so yeah, some do expect special treatment and like to play the race card and I'm not afraid to say it. the truth hurts sometimes. oh, and did I mention they wanted a free meal after all this, which they obviously did not get.

    Source(s): if it had been a black hostess and a white table, would they have screamed racism? my guess is no.
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    Hey Eric

    I suppose to some black people it tends to be habitual. We come from such a bad past, I suppose there's always that paranoia that white people still dont like us and we need to defend ourselves. I dont know if it'll ever end, but I ask you not to take it personally. Be the bigger person and make them feel like complete idiots when you shower them with attention. I hope it does work out. I know I'd be embarrassed, but being black myself, I hate calling attention to myself so I doubt I'd be in that situation to start off with. Best of luck

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    It may not be fair but perhaps centuries of unrelenting persecution in the past and current widespread attitudes may, if you are black, make you resentful and sensitive to how people treat you. If your past is framed in oppression and your present experiences validate that as well, you would become irritated as well.

    Racism is the cause of their pain, and now it is the cause of yours. The sooner it is wiped out of our minds, the better for everyone.

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    @ The X

    we call it racist because he uses colour to highlight what is a human problem thereby insinuating that only blacks do this when we all know [well us normal human beings] that this can happen to anyone of any colour race of creed by people of any race colour or creed.

    now if you dont understand that then maybe you dont want to see that in which case you ought to have a look at your own problems

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    Whatever.... I bet those black people are standing around looking waiting for you to come over, and when you make a move you mostly walk up to the white folks that just got THERE when the black folks had been waiting 5 or more minutes, don't get mad at them because you are not on your job

    Source(s): had this happen many of times before with white sales people
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