Possibly pregnant or no?

Okay so heres the deal. I had unprotected sex in the beginning of august, but he didnt "come" in me and 2 days later i took plan B. I got my period a few days later, and it was okay. I also had sex in mid august but we used a condom. After a month i started my period but it was REALLY light. Like first i was spotting, then it was a littlee heavier and it stopped after a week. But sometimes i feel lightheaded and my breasts seem sore(maybe or i could be imaging it) that they are getting a little bigger too? I dont know if im imaginging things but yeah. SO its almost 2 months? i took 2 pregnancy test diffrent times and they both came out negative. But im just worried. I took EPT pregnancy tests. would the tests be MORE accurate if you were say farther into pregnancy? as for me, if i was pregnant, 2 months in would it show? and what is up with the lighter period? im worried it might have been that spotting you get before you get pregnant, or does plan B just do that?

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    1 decade ago
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    It would be very, very unlikely that you are pregnant. It's probably just because of the stress of thinking that you're pregnant, or possibly an effect of the drug.

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