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National League Cy Young winner: Webb or Lincecum - or someone else?

Webb has 4 more wins than Lincecum, but Lincecum has fewer losses. And Lincecum leads Webb is almost every statistic except base on balls.

Lincecum's ERA is 2.62, vs Webb's 3.30.

Lincecum had an MLB best 265 strike-outs to Webb's 183.

Lincecum gave up 182 hits to Webb's 206.

Lincecum gave up 72 runs to Webb's 95.

The way I see it, the only reason Webb would beat Lincecum is if the voters think Wins or team standing is a larger factor. Had the Giants been a better team, I think Lincecum would have had even better numbers - he probably would have won at least 5 of his 10 no decisions.

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    It probably will be Lincecum, but Johan Santana should really win it in my mind.

    Santana has the best ERA in the league, and has 16 wins to go along with that. Plus he pitched the most innings in the league, so to have the best ERA with the most innings pitched is just impressive.

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    It's gotta be Tim Lincecum... no question. A lot of people were have difficulty deciding between him and Webb before the Diamondbacks were scuffling for the NL West because Webb had a lower ERA... but after 2-3 games where he surrendered 7 runs or so, his ERA went WAY up...

    So I think he's out.. no matter how many wins Webb has. Lincecum has been LIGHTS OUT since the beginning of the season. He's 17-5, and has the second best winning percentage in the league (to Adam Wainwright); And this is with the GIANTS!

    Webb had a lot of run support during many of his starts, which is why he has 22 wins. Santana and Sabathia should be mentioned, but I don't think either one would win it. Santana had a slow start (like he normally does), and Sabathia came into the league too late and had a VERY slow start in the AL...

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    we could evaluate, we could? comparable variety of video games began, around the same variety of innings. W-L Webb: 21-7 (.750 WP) Lincecum: 17-3 (.850 WP) era Webb: 3.26 Lincecum: 2.40 3 Strikeouts Webb: one hundred seventy Lincecum: 237 finished video games/Shutouts Webb: 3/a million Lincecum: a million/a million Hits Allowed (be conscious IP is 212 Webb, 207 Lincecum. Webb: 192 Lincecum: one hundred sixty five Runs Allowed Webb: 89 Lincecum: 62 for sure, Lincecum is larger on paper, and be conscious that he does not get the run help that Webb does. They play interior the same branch, there no element could be made a pair of extra durable schedule, and because team fulfillment isn't accounted for in Cy youthful balloting, Lincecum might desire to win.

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    Tim Lincecum should win CY. Both CC and Webb are in a much better team than Giants yet Tim's winning percentage are terrific. Plus as you stated, Tim is about to lead every stats in pitching.

    CC can win MVP though. Best trade of the season, no CC no playoff for the Brewers.

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    Tim's just a Baddass Arm to have in that lineup man.. Regardless of the vote, or whatever. Tim's a hell of an entertaining pitcher to watch, huh? Today, last day of season @ AT&T Park, (Fan apprecation day), He Fanned the 1st 9 Dodgers that walked up to the plate, in a row, end of story.. Whoa!!

    Even though it's his own look; he reminds me of Will the "Thrill" when he first showed up at Candlestick witht that Glaring look in his eye, with alll that "Eye black" under there.. Tim's got a hard nosed mutha fka look.. and the dude never beans anybody either.. he's hella awsome. spared the season too.. thanx Tim.

  • Definitely, lincecum.

    He has been a small powerhouse all year.

    Webb faded down the stretch...as did his team.

    I was WOWed by Lincecum and his delivery.

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    first of all, its not between Lincecum and Webb its between Lincecum and Santana, and it will be Lincecum

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    well neither one of them are in the postseason but its not their fault. But if i had to choose i'd pick Lincecum. Mainly because he leads almost ever catagory but wins.

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    after sunday's game, you got to give it to CC SABATHIA.

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