how much income per year must i make before reporting to irs?

think student with part-time job working only 1-2 days per week. i tried to read the irs website but ended up even more confused so i came here... thanks.

i also get unearned income from parents - but cant be considered an dependent since i'm not living with them anymore.

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    You state that you are not a dependent. You might want to review the section on dependency and students; unless you have left home, time at school can still count as time at home for your parents. But if you are not a dependent of your parents, you need to file if you make more than $8950. This number is adjusted for inflation so it changes every year.

    If you are a dependent, you need to file if you make more than $5450.

    State rules depend on the state. It is possible that you do not need to file federal income tax, but do need to file state.

    Self-employed rules are different, I am assuming you are not self-employed.

    However, if you do not make enough to file, you might want to file anyway. One, to get your federal withholding back, two, for a record that student aid, FAFSA, etc., loves to see.

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    1. If your parents can claim you, then you can not claim your own exemption.

    A dependent must file tax return if the income is $5,450 or more. Read about the filing requirements of a dependent:

    2. If you are not a dependent, then filing requirement starts with $8,950.

    3. For self employed income or 1099-misc income, the filing requirement is $400 or more.

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    If you are a student, there is a good chance your parents can still claim you even if you are not living at home.

    If they can claim you, your income level for filling is your standard deduction (unless you have investment income). If not, your level for filing is your standard deduction and personal exemption.

    If you are self employed, your level for filing is $400.

    Go to > forms and publications > publication 17 > who must file.

    Helen, EA in PA

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    If you make more than you are allowed for your exemption(s) plus your standard deduction, you need to file.

    go to for the details.

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