ok me and my bf have talked about sex and he said he'll wait until im ready and he wont pressure me.well he asked me that if whenever im ready could i let him know like a day before we do it and i said ready now but idk exactly how 2 tell him.oh and im a virgin and hes not. girls w

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    A suggestive card, maybe?

    Also, on the matter of "Cupiddimples's" answer, please do not let other people's experiences get in the way of your own. But, do take some of the measures she asks you to ensure you are not abused in any way.

    And most importantly, irrespective of whatever anyone says to you, always use protection.

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    I was a virgin with my first boyfriend when I was just 21-

    I knew he was not a virgin-

    but later I found out he had slept with MANY women before me-

    and it turned out he felt waiting for the right time for a virgin to sleep with him was his "game" we were together less than 2 years and it turned out he had cheated on me the whole time because my

    inexperience and shyness would not let me do certain things he wanted to do and apparently all those times he told me- "it was ok" that I didn't want to he was finding women in the side who would...

    Find out just how many girlfirends he has had.

    How explicit were his relations.

    How many one-night stands he has had- if he remembers them,

    what were his shortest relationships.

    what were the longest and shortest times between relations-

    as some men leave one relationship when they meet someone else-

    when was the first time he had sex,

    has he been recently tested for stds!? Most important question,

    has he had any contact with ex's to see if they have any std's as some take time to show up/be discovered,

    is there an abortion in his past with an ex and if so why?

    does he have any children already?

    What are you age differences?

    Does he drink or do drugs at all...

    These are all very serious questions.

    And if he has been around then he knows which buttons to push that would get you ready to say "I'm ready"-

    Have you read the book " he not that into you?"

    you should...

    Does he know your family- and the other people that matter to you in your life?

    PLus, you should talk about what would happen if a pregnancy were to occur- as it is very possible- remember it only takes once.

    You should also consult with someone who you truly truly trust to talk this over with as there is so much involved in

    making it for the first time...

    As I later learned and am now telling you.

    Also find out when his last girlfriend or intimate partner was before you

    as some std's take a certain amount of time to show up...

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