How do i get rid of my ugly chickenpox scar?

Hi, i have this chickenpox scar that i've had as long as i can remember. I'm pretty sure i got chickenpox in childcare when i was 3/4.

I live in Australia and is wondering if there is some kind of treatment to getting rid of chickenpox scars. My scar is on my forehead near my eyebrow and is rounded. Looks like a little circle/oval.

I read that chickenpox scars often go away themselves but i'm starting to lose hope because i don't think mine has changed. Is there some cheap medication or organic method. I don't really want to go and ask my mum to get me some medicine or something because she would say something like "You're fine the way you are".

Please help me i'm very self concious about it because it's on my face and close to my eyes. It's not very deep by the way. Anyway, because it's close to my eyes i don't know if whenever people see me they look me in the eyes or look at my ugly scar. It's lighter than my skin and i keep wondering if scars make girls ugly.

Any sensible answers will be appreciated! thanks yall! :)

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    Well, I have just started using Bio Oil. I heard that it helps and I can already see the difference with my skin.

    You have to use it for 3 months before you can see a real change!

    Good Luck!

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    it is well known here in england, that you can rub lard or fatty oils into the scar. this will help reduce the appearence of it and eventually blend it into the skin.

    do this twice a day, for about two to three weeks.


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    I've never used self tanner but you could try it, buy one specially formulated for the eye area. Don't be embarassed in asking your mum, she may have a treasure trove of beauty secrets.....

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