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Alabama vs. Kentucky: Who will win?

I know Alabama just completely tore the Georgia Bulldogs apart! but do you think they will be able to keep it up the whole season??

I've been watching the Crimson Tide religiously since I've been in college, so I'm use to our team starting out really good and undefeated for the first few games and then they just seem to completely fall apart.

So do you think they can keep it up this time???


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    Given the teams and the scores of the Kentucky schedule so far, and the teams and schedule of Alabama it should be a reasonably easy win for Alabama.

    In many ways it is good Georgia came back during the second half Sat and Tulane kept up with Alabama maybe they will realize they can lose.

    Last year the main problem was when Wilson lost his confidence after the LSU game and just fell apart. He has really developed this year, and is a major force for the team.

    Alabama has averaged 37 points a game and allows less than 14. Kentucky has scored a high number of points, but against low level competition.

    Alabama 45, Kentucky 21

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    Alabama will win...big.

    I heard a lot of analysts saying that Alabama's back from the old days, but I was a little skeptical until Saturday's game. 'Bama ABSOLUTELY dominated that game...their offense looks great with J.P. Wilson finally coming into his own, and I think Julio Jones will be a Heisman contender in a few years. And I agree with BamaFan, it's good Georgia started a comeback in the 2nd half so they can realize their weaknesses on defense and be a solid team all around (AND, we'll get to hear Saban say "Finish!" more =P)

    I know exactly what you mean about your team being excellent for the first few games and screwing up, being an Arkansas and Virginia Tech fan, but I think Alabama is for real this season. The times that Alabama started 3-0 they usually beat awful teams like Utah St. and Western Carolina. But now Alabama is 5-0, after humiliating Clemson and Georgia. They have a decently tough schedule left, but after seeing LSU and Auburn play, it's definitely possible for 'Bama to run the table (but watch out for Ole Miss!)

    @Hambone: LSU lost the last game of the season to Arkansas in 3 OTs, being #1 again. Kentucky may be #1 in scoring defense and #4 in overall defense, but their first and only 4 games of the season were against Louisville, Norfolk St., Middle Tennessee, and Western Kentucky. Seriously...trying to make a case for Kentucky is ridiculous and pathetic. Alabama rolls here, 52-10.

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    Kentucky will be a lot tougher than many of you give them credit. They've won six of their last eight dating back to last season under Brooks as coach, and they are currently ranked No. 1 in the nation in scoring defense, as well as No. 4 in both passing defense and overall defense. They have at least two first-round picks on the defensive side of the ball in Jeremy Jarmon at DE and Trevard Lindley at DB. Lindley will shut down one side of the field unlike anything John Parker Wilson has ever seen. Kentucky, and especially this group of players, can pull this upset off because they know how -- remember the beating of then No. 1 LSU last season, to give the Bayou Bengals their only loss?

    The offense is peaking just in time for the Cats and have no doubt, UK will give Alabama everything it wants and then some more. Alabama is an excellent squad, but this is UK's best team in at least 25 years. The game will be close, but UK wins by a touchdown, 20-13.

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    dude where were you at about 6:45 ET on Sat. night, hambone?? i've tried to stay reserved about bama, just because like everyone else, i've had my doubts about them continuing to stay strong. But all saban has been preaching is: FINISH!!! Have you guys seen the Ford commercial where he even states: "never giving up, even when your ahead" This team is for real. I think they'll get even better as the season progresses. Sorry hambone: Kentucky @ Alabama? Alabama by at least 2 touchdowns!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!

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    uhh, Alabama. Roll Tide!!!

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    bama should have no problem with uk.

    it will be up to saban to keep his team motivated against a lesser opponnent and not pull a usc and lose a game they have no business losing

    Source(s): bama 37 uk 17
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