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Why did Hugh Laurie lose his original co-stars? *House*?

Why did the original actors (Dr. Chase and Foreman) and actress (Dr. Cameron) change roles in House?

I think I'm current on what happened in the show, even though it's back and forth from seasons on USA and the current season airings.

What I want to know is why did the original team split? Did the actors/actress want more money? Did they not enjoy the show anymore? I don't understand.

I just got in to the show and even got to watch the first episode. Everything I've watched seemed to be productive in a program point of view, I had no dislike for any character.

I don't see the benefit of the writers removing the characters from their roles so I assumed it was the stars themselves. Can anyone confirm?

Please don't speculate, if you can confirm, a link to the information would be greatly appreciated.

I'm watching Resignation now, part of the 8 hour marathon I recorded, and apparently the whole team is about to disperse in this episode.

Please advise.

Much thanks.

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    they just wanted to switch up characters. things were getting stale...

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    The said it was getting very monotonous and they wanted to introduce something new while keeping the old cast intact , so they pushed chase and cameron in sidelines and introduced a new team for house, apparently they wanted to put in some fresh one liners for house to use.

    Source(s): DVD Extras of season 4.
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