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can you tell me anything about taking care of spoodles?

my grandparents got a spoodle (poodle/something) & as they are getting a little old i dont think they are caring for him properly, so ive been walking him and stuff but

i dont know much about dogs, so any suggestions would be great.. i hear they can have ear problems? and how often do dogs go to the vet? is it the same as cats, once a year?


oh and is human hair conditioner bad for dogs? i brought them a bottle of dog shampoo but they still use there conditioner on him. is that bad??

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    That's so nice of you!

    I found this forum...good luck!

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    the conditionor is bad! dogs should go to the vet once a year for vaccinations...unless something is wrong with ear problmes....lots of vomiting or diahrea.....rashes....stuff like that.

    cats are the same only you shouldn't have to bath them at all.

    also MAKE SURE they get flea, tick and heartworm prevention! (ask your vet about those)

    on the ear problem thing don't worry unless even after you clean it the ears get dirty really fast, stink, or if there is blood in the ear dirt....

    you can also call you vet if you have any questions they are usually happy to help!

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    Mutts need the same management & training as any other dog.

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