Casey Anthony Car? ..........?

What was the make and model of casey anthony's car she was driving when her daughter disappeared?


Ok, well now, I would like someone with a brain and maturity to answer this question with knowledge. I do not care if it is relevent to YOU, this is a question. DUH

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Her car was a 98 pontiac sunfire. White in color.

  • 1 decade ago

    The make and model are irrelevant. It was her parents car, as she was a no-good user who didn't work, and lived off those nasty parents. All that matters is that the trunk was full of a dead baby's body odors, and that the child's rotting hairs and body, once so full of life and love, quick to spell the alphabet in Spanish at two, and hoping to grow into an adult was killed at two years old by her mother. Of course the car was left in a check cashing place, by a check cashing thief. I hope Florida, as a state in the neanderthal age, by their past election results, still believes in the firing squad and I can see that killer mother Casey get shot in the head.

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