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Has anyone seen a UFO that looked like this?

Once I was outside with my mom at about 9-10 o'clock at night, when we both saw a UFO traveling lower than most air crafts usually do. Its travel was completely silent and the craft was transparent. The only reason we were able to see its shape was because the stars looked closer than they normally do within its perimeter as it moved. It traveled slower than familiar air crafts and was a shape like a triangle with the wings stretched out further and the nose angle was obtuse while the wing angles were very acute. It may have had an indent in the rear, but I don't remember for sure. It was like there was a video recorder on the top of the space craft that displayed the stars directly above on the bottom of the space craft to travel unnoticed. My mom put it out of her mind later on as a bird, but I am absolutely positive that it was either a secret government aircraft or an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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    Yes, I've seen one very much similar to that. I believe in the idea of UFOs but when there are sightings at night and the aircraft is quiet, I think it is a secret government aircraft (thinking no one would notice in that condition). So I think what you saw was a government plane.

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    I have seen one but it is not a traingle but a circle and full of many colored lights travelling around and twinkling. It was just few meters over my head.

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    It's a typical sighting of a UFO.

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