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how to stop being socially awkward... gain poise?

i'm not bad looking, have a lot of great friends.. the problem is i always feel uncomfortable in social situations. meeting new people, hanging out at bars... in clubs i can't dance because i feel too awkward. even just standing alone feels awkward unless i have something in my hand or am doing something. i'm friendly and can somewhat talk to people but i'm just... a nerd!!!! i need help to appear and feel confident.


i also don't feel assertive enough.. like sometimes people don't really listen when i talk.

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    I feel the same exact way. Except, I don't have a lot of friends, and I don't go to clubs or bars.

    I decided I'm just gonna try to emulate James bond. (daniel craig bond, not that sissy brosnan guy)

    But yeah, it's really starting to annoy me when people aren't listening when I talk. I politely listen when they talk, but I don't receive the same courtesy.

    That's it! I'm gonna start kicking some ***!

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    ha ha man i wish i knew! i have the most awkward things that just happen to me. i love you! please don't stop being completely awkward, i think its endearing anyways. its easier to accept the awkard-ness and just let it flow, its how i deal, thankfully i have equally awkward friends who get it.

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