HELP!! whats the meaning of this Japanese proverb? "Furuki o tashi ne, Atara shi ke o shiro"?

pls pls pls... thanks a bunch whoever can help me on this.

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    It should be "Furuki wo tazune te, Atarashi ki wo shiru". Originally this proverb comes from ancient Chinese, "Analects of Confucius". It is also known as "温故知新 (on ko chi shin)".

    温:tazune (te), to revise/consider

    故:furuki (wo), what is old

    知:shiru, to understand/know

    新:atarashiki (wo), what is new

    The meaning of the proverb would be "one is able to derive new understanding while revising what he has learned" on the website below.

    Hope this helps.

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    furuki wo tazune te atarashiki wo shiru


    =he that would know what shall be must consider what has been.

    furuki = old

    tazune = examine, check

    atarashiki = new

    shiru = learn, find, realize

    this proverb is chinese one.

    'furuki wo ~' is japanese translation.

    'onko chishin' is chinese reading.

    Source(s): majored in japanese literature
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